Today Date and Rahu kaal (Today's date and Rahukaal)

Shravan Krishna Paksha Navami

Vikram Samvat 2077

Rahu Kaal Time : 07:24 am to 09:05

Monday, 02 August 2021

Today Sunrise & Sunset Time : 05:47 am to 07:07 pm
Today Moonrise and Moonset Time : 12:24 am to 02:12 pm
This time according Delhi NCR.

Tomorrow's Rahu kaal Time

Tomorrow Date is Tuesday, 03 August 2021 and Shravan Krishna Paksha Dashmi

Tomorrow Rahu Kaal Time : 03:49 pm to 05:30 pm

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What is Rahu Kaal?

Rahukalam is called the time period of Rahu. It is the time to which the Rahu period refers. Rahu Kaal denotes an inauspicious time period in each day. Doing any auspicious work in Rahu period is not considered favorable.

How long is Rahu time in the day?

In Hindu astrology it refers to a period of 90 minutes every day between sunrise and sunset.

The 12 hours of the day are divided into eight?

The 12 hours of the day are divided into eight equal parts.

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