Govatsa Dwadashi 2023

Govatsa Dwadashi 2023

Important information

  • Govatsa Dwadashi 2023
  • Thursday, 09 November 2023
  • Dwadashi Tithi starts : 09 November 2023 at 10:40 AM
  • Dwadashi Tithi ends : 10 November 2023 at 12:35 PM

Govatsa Dwadashi, the Dwadashi of Krishna Paksha of Kartik month is celebrated as Govatsa (calf of cow). Govatsa Dwadashi is also celebrated as Nandini Vrat. Nandini is the divine cow in Hinduism. There is a law to worship the cow calf on this day. After worshiping, they should be given food made from wheat to eat. The use of cow's milk and wheat products is prohibited on this day. Cut fruits should not be consumed. Hearing the story of Govats, Brahmins should give fruits.

Govatsa Dwadashi Katha

For a long time there was the kingdom of Devdani king in Suvarnapur city. The king had two queens Sita and Geeta. The king kept a buffalo and a cow calf. Sita took care of the buffalo and Geeta took care of the cow calf. Geeta loved the calf like a son.

One day the buffalo chuckled that Geeta Rani is jealous of me. Hearing this, Sita killed the calf of the cow and hid it in a heap of wheat.

When the king sat down to eat, it started raining blood and flesh all around the palace. There was feces and urine in the plate of food. King did not understand anything. Then there was an Akashvani that O Rajan! Your queen Sita has killed a cow's calf and hid it in a heap of wheat. Tomorrow is Govats Dwadashi. You worship the cows by taking the buffalo out of the kingdom. By your penance the calf will be alive. The king did the same. As soon as the king remembered the calf with his heart, the calf came out of the heap of wheat. The king was pleased to see this. From that time, the king ordered in his kingdom that all the people observe the fast of Govatsa Dwadashi.

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