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Vikram Samvat 2079

Monday, 08 August 2022

Sunrise Sunrise 05.50 AM
Sunset Sunset 05.02 PM
Moonrise Moonrise 03:54 pm
Moonset Moonset 02:12 am
This time according Delhi NCR.

Choghadiya Muhurat of the Today Day

Amrit 05:50 AM - 07:14 AM
Kaal 07:14 AM - 08:38 AM
Subh 08:38 AM - 10:02 AM
Rog 10:02 AM - 11:26 AM
Udveg 11:26 AM - 12:50 PM
Char 12:50 PM - 14:14 PM
Labh 14:14 PM - 15:38 PM
Amrit 15:38 PM - 17:02 PM

Tonight's Choghadiya Muhurat?

Char 17:02 PM - 07:14 PM
Rog 18:38 PM - 20:14 PM
Kaal 20:14 PM - 21:50 PM
Labh 21:50 PM - 23:26 PM
Udveg 23:26 PM - 01:02 AM
Subh 01:02 AM - 02:38 AM
Amrit 02:38 AM - 04:14 AM
Char 04:14 AM - 05:50 AM

What is Tomorrow's Choghadiya Muhurat, Choghadiya time Tomorrow's, Choghadiya Muhurta, Aaj Ka Choghadiya
Vikram Samvat 2079

Tuesday, 09 August 2022

Sunrise Sunrise 05.51 AM
Sunset Sunset 07.02 PM
Moonrise Moonrise 05:01 pm
Moonset Moonset 03:18 am
This time according Delhi NCR.

Choghadiya Muhurat of the Tomorrow Day

Rog 05:51 AM - 07:29 AM
Udveg 07:29 AM - 09:07 AM
Char 09:07 AM - 10:45 AM
Labh 10:45 AM - 12:23 AM
Amrit 12:23 AM - 14:01 PM
Kaal 14:01 PM - 15:39 PM
Subh 15:39 PM - 17:17 PM
Rog 17:17 PM - 19:02 PM

Tomorrow night Choghadiya Muhurat

Kaal 19:02 PM - 07:29 PM
Labh 20:23 PM - 21:44 PM
Udveg 21:44 PM - 23:05 PM
Subh 23:05 PM - 00:26 AM
Amrit 00:26 AM - 01:47 AM
Char 01:47 AM - 03:08 AM
Rog 03:08 AM - 04:29 AM
Kaal 04:29 AM - 05:51 AM

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The Divine News

Chaghadiya Muhurata has its own special significance. In Hindu culture, for doing every work, it has been said to do auspicious time and auspicious time. That auspicious time shows us the Choghadiya Muhurata. According to Choghadiya Muhurata, by doing day's work, the possibility of profit increases and the possibility of loss decreases. Choghadiya Muhurata is different for day and night. The Chaghadiya Muhurata depends on the time of sunrise and sunset. The lord of Chaghadiya Muhurata is Ravi of Udvega, Venus of Chara, Mercury of profit, Moon of Amrit, Saturn of Kaal, Guru of auspiciousness and Mars is the lord of disease. The best time is for chaghadiya of auspicious, chara, nectar and profit. Udvega, disease and chaghadiya Muhuratas should be discarded diligently.

What is the meaning of Chaghadiya Muhurata?

Chaghadiya Muhurata is made up of two words Chai meaning four and Ghari meaning time. According to Hindu scriptures, there are 24 minutes in each clock. There are 30 clocks from sunrise to sunset which are divided by 8. Therefore, there are 8 Choghadiya Muhurata in the day and 8 Choghadiya Muhurata at night. One chaghadiya 4 clock is equal to 1 hour 30 minutes.

Which Muhurata is auspicious?

Shubh, Chara, Amrit and Labh are the best times in Choghadiya Muhurata. Any auspicious work can be done in these hours.

Choghadiya Muhurata Which Muhurata is inauspicious?

In Chaghadiya Muhurata, excitement, disease, time have not been described as a good time. One should not do any auspicious work in these hours, that is, refrain from doing so.

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