What happened in today's history of India? Major events in today's history

2008 Bird flu spread in 13 districts of West Bengal.
1974 President VV Giri dedicated the Nehru Memorial Museum at Teen Murti in New Delhi to the nation.
1988 In 1988, the helicopter postal service was inaugurated for the first time.
1922 Famous Indian actor Shri Bharat Bhushan Ji passed away in 1992.
2009 The eighth President of India, Shri. R. Venkataraman (Ramaswamy Venkataraman) Ji died in 2009.

There are many such incidents in India which we probably do not remember. What events have happened in the history of India to this day. How was India's history today? What happened in India's history today? What happened today in India's history? How was the history of India to date? Have tried to talk about this.

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