What happened in today's history of India? Major events in today's history

1906 Kaka Hathrasi, the great poet of comic compositions, was born on this day.
1947 National Security Act passed.
1803 The British captured Puri in Odisha.
1931 The birth of Shrikant Verma, the famous Hindi writer, lyricist, critic and politician.
1967 Nagaland adopted English as the official language.
2003 Dhaka-Agartala bus service started.
2008 Shobhana Bhartia H.T. Was appointed the chairman of the media.
2009 Information technology sector company HCL Shiva Nair, the founding president of the UK, was awarded the UK's Trade and Investment Business Person of the Year Award.
2009 India opened another airstrip in Ladakh region.

There are many such incidents in India which we probably do not remember. What events have happened in the history of India to this day. How was India's history today? What happened in India's history today? What happened today in India's history? How was the history of India to date? Have tried to talk about this.

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