Today Date (Aaj Ki Tithi)

Saturday, 19 September 2020

Vikram Samvat 2077 Hindu date of : Pratham Ashwin Shukla Paksh

Today Sunrise Time : 06:29 am
Today Sunset Time : 07:35 pm
This time according Delhi NCR.

Muslim Safar Maasaarambh, Rosh Haashana (Jyoo -Yahudi)

September Horoscope

  • Aries- The first fortnight of the month can be challenging. Stay away from arguments. Good progress will be seen in economic matters. Invitations to many social events can come. Be polite, respect everyone.
  • Taurus - Hard work will yield results. Use your strength and intelligence to your advantage. Those traveling this month will have some amazing experiences. Spend with caution.
  • Gemini - The star is on your side. You can get what you want. Your enthusiasm will remain. You will be appreciated for hard work on important projects.
  • Cancer - Take care in dealing with close relatives, otherwise mental problems may have to be raised. You may not agree with the situation but keep calm. Rapid response can cause damage.
  • Leo - Minor things can be debated. Be calm. Work hard and do not lose time and confidence in useless gossip. There will be chaos and panic. Expenses can increase.
  • Virgo - There may be sudden interruptions in business. Negotiate options with superiors and colleagues. Workload may increase. New employment opportunities will emerge.
  • Libra - The first half of the month is favorable, will motivate you for work. Consult with elders to reduce professional conflicts. Being involved in social work will provide mental peace.
  • Scorpio - You are constantly moving forward. Self-confidence and courage will come in many areas. Expect active support from seniors to get easy wins at work. Invest some.
  • Sagittarius - In the first half of the month, extra attention will have to be paid to the work. Stalled work has to be emphasized. The scope of work will increase in the second fortnight. Keep expenses.
  • Capricorn - Stay firm and keep the emotions under control to achieve the goal. Have conflicting opinions. Keep in mind that your behavior should not create new enemies.
  • Aquarius - Try to resolve family differences. Economic matters will improve as expected. Friends will show you the way, will lead you to victory. Ignore rivals for now.
  • Pisces - Planning and preparation are the key to success this month. Avoid risk in financial deals. Things will look fine in the second fortnight. Women should take care of their health.
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What is today's date? Know according to Hindu calendar and Hindu Panchag. Date is the main part of the Hindu calendar. This is one of the lunar calendar days of the Hindu calendar. Depending on the date, all the days, festivals, birthdays, death anniversaries, auspicious days, inauspicious days etc. are determined. There are a total of 30 day dates in a month as defined in Vedin astrology. In which Amavasya and Purnima come only once in the month. The first fifteen dates are included in the Shukla Paksha, while the next fifteen Tithis are included in the Krishna Paksha. All auspicious work should be done in Shukla Paksha. A date is considered complete when the Moon is located at 12 degrees from the Sun. A date ends with a 12 degree tilt of the moon. A date has five parts called Nanda, Bhadra, Rikta, Jaya and Poorna.
What is Shukla Paksha?,
What is krishna paksha?

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