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Today's Hindu Date and Panchang

Today's date is Tuesday, 05 March 2024 and Today Hindu date is Navami. Navami till 08:06 am and till after the Dashami will start. Dashami is Kshaya tithi. Dashami till next day 06:30 am

What is Tithi:- In Hinduism, the term used for dates is 'Tithi' in Hindi. They represent divisions of days in the lunar cycle that extend from Amavasya (new moon) to Purnima (full moon). The names of the Tithis start with 'Pratipada' for the first Tithi and continue as 'Dwitiya', 'Tritiya', 'Chaturthi', and so on. Tithis hold significance in the Hindu calendar, aiding in determining dates for religious festivals and events.

Month Phalguna Month
Paksha Krishna Paksha
Day Tuesday
Date Today's Tithi is Navami.

Navami till 08:06 am and till after the Dashami will start. Dashami is Kshaya tithi. Dashami till next day 06:30 am

Deity Lord Sri Rama Navami, Ashta Dikpalakas Dashami
Nakshatra Mūla
Yog Siddhi
Karan Vanij
Vrat & Festival Mangalwar Vrat and Katha
Vikram Samvat 2080

Date is very important in Hindu religion. In Hinduism, work is done on the basis of Tithi, Panchang and Day. At the beginning of the day, first of all it is known that what is today's date?, What is the Hindu calendar of today?,What is the Hindu Panchang of today?, What is today's day? And what day is it today? What is today's Rahu Kaal time? All these questions are answered below.

sunriseSunrise 06:41 AM
sunsetSunset 06:23 PM
moonriseMoonrise 02:49 AM
moonsetMoonset 12:54 PM
Rahu Kaal startRahukaal 03:23 PM
Rahu Kaal endRahukaal 04:50 PM
This time according Delhi NCR.

What is today's Abhijit Muhurta?

Abhijit Muhurta is the eighth among the 15 Muhurtas that fall between sunrise and sunset. The time period from sunrise to sunset is divided into 15 equal parts, the middle part of which is known as Abhijit Muhurta. Know more

What is today's Hora time table?

To start any work one has to consult an astrologer. By Hora table we can know the auspicious and inauspicious time without astrologer. Astrology has created Hora Chakra to calculate auspicious and inauspicious times for this. Know more

Tomorrow's date, what is the date of Tomorrow, What is the Tomorrow's festival and fast, Kal kya din hai?

Tomorrow Hindu Date and Panchang

Wednesday, 06 March 2024

Month Phalguna
Paksha Krishna

Ekadashi till Next Day 04:13 am and till after the Dwadashi will start.

Deity Lord Kubera Ekadashi, Lord Maha Vishnu Dwadashi
Nakshatra Pūrva Ashādhā
Yog Vyatipat
Karan Bava
Vrat & Festival ISKCON Ekadashi Date List of 2024 | Budhwar Vrat and Katha | Vijaya Ekadashi 2024
Vikram Samvat 2080
sunriseSunrise 06:40 AM
sunsetSunset 06:24 PM
moonriseMoonrise 03:45 AM
moonsetMoonset 02:00 PM
Rahu Kaal startRahukaal 12:29 AM
Rahu Kaal endRahukaal 01:56 PM
This time according Delhi NCR.

Upcoming Tithi's

Wednesday, 06 March 2024

Ekadashi till Next Day 04:13 am and till after the Dwadashi will start.

ISKCON Ekadashi Date List of 2024 | Budhwar Vrat and Katha | Vijaya Ekadashi 2024

Thursday, 07 March 2024

Dwadashi till Next Day 01:55 am and till after the Trayodashi will start.

Brihaspativar Vrat and Katha

Friday, 08 March 2024

Trayodashi till Next Day 09:58 pm and till after the Chaturdashi will start.

Maha Shivratri 2024 | Shukrawar Vrat and Katha | Shukra Pradosh Vrat 2024

Saturday, 09 March 2024

Chaturdashi till Next Day 06:18 pm and till after the Amavasya will start.

Shanivar Vrat, Puja and Katha | Masik Shivaratri Vrat Tithi in 2024

Sunday, 10 March 2024

Amavasya till Next Day 02:30 pm and till after the Pratipada will start.

Ravivar Vrat, Puja and Katha

Upcoming Festivals & Vrat 2024

The Divine News

The answer of any question related to today's date (Aaj ki tithi) can be found on the issue of today's date of The Divine India like today's festival and fast, festival, fast, monthly fast, Panchak dates, which aarti is done today, What is the time of moonrise and moonset today and what is the time of sunrise and sunset today etc. Your questions like what is today's Panchang?, what is today's Rahu Kaal time?, which date is today, what is today's date?, when is Amavasya?, when is Ekadashi? Is it?,When is Kala Ashtami Vrat?,When is Monthly Shivratri of this month?,When is Sankashti Chaturthi Vrat? The answer to all these questions is available on this page.

What is the date today in Hindu calendar?

According to Vikram Samvat 2080, today is Phalguna Krishna Paksha and today's date is Tuesday, 05 March 2024.

What is Panchang?

Panchang means Pancha limbs like Date, Var, Yoga, Nakshatra, Karan. It is from these that auspicious yoga is created, which we call a Muhurta.

What is Rahu Kaal?

Rahukalam is called the time period of Rahu. It is the time to which the Rahu period refers. Rahu Kaal denotes an inauspicious time period in each day. Doing any auspicious work in Rahu period is not considered favorable.

What is Krishna Paksha and Shukla Paksha?

Shukla is the Sanskrit word for white or bright. Shukla Paksha is a period of 15 days, which begins on the day of Amavasya and ends on the full moon day. This side is considered auspicious.
Krishna Paksha is called the decreasing moon in the Hindu calendar. Krishna is the Sanskrit word for darkness. Krishna Paksha is a period of 15 days

What is the Hindu date or tithi?

Know according to Hindu calendar and Hindu Panchang. Date or tithi is the main part of the Hindu calendar. This is one of the lunar calendar days of the Hindu calendar. Depending on the date, all the days, festivals, birthdays, death anniversaries, auspicious days, inauspicious days etc. are determined. There are a total of 30 day dates in a month as defined in Vedin astrology. In which Amavasya and Purnima come only once in the month. The first fifteen dates are included in the Shukla Paksha, while the next fifteen Tithis are included in the Krishna Paksha. All auspicious work should be done in Shukla Paksha. A date is considered complete when the Moon is located at 12 degrees from the Sun. A date ends with a 12 degree tilt of the moon. A date has five parts called Nanda, Bhadra, Rikta, Jaya and Poorna.