Vasavi Kanyaka Parameshwari Jayanthi 2025

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  • Vasavi Kanyaka Parameshwari Jayanthi 2025
  • Wednesday, 07 May 2025

Vasavi Kanyaka Parameshvari is a revered Hindu goddess, primarily worshipped by the Komati community of Andhra Pradesh. She is mainly recognized by her followers as a virgin form of Parvati and is sometimes identified as a form of Lakshmi in the Vaishnava tradition.

She is considered the kuladevi (family deity) of the Komati community, as well as the Arya Vaishya, Kalinga Vaishya, Arava Vaishya, Marathi Vaishya, Beri Vaishya, and Trivarnika Vaishya communities. This is according to various versions of the Vasavi Puranamulu, written in Telugu in the 18th century CE.

Vasavi Jayanti is celebrated on Vaishakha Shukla Dasami, the tenth day of the bright fortnight in the month of Vaisakh. Goddess Vasavi Matha, also known as Vasavamba, is generally worshipped by Arya Vaishya communities.

In some communities in Karnataka, Vasavamba is also known as Nimishamba. Vasavamba Jayanthi is celebrated with great enthusiasm at the Srirangapattana Nimishamba temple, located on the banks of the Cauvery River near Mysore in Karnataka.

Sri Vasavi Kanyaka Parameswari Devi Athmarpanam Dinotsavam is observed in Magha Masam (Magh month) according to Telugu and Kannada calendars.

The Jaina Komatis venerate her as Shanti Matha Vasavi, who is believed to have promoted ahimsa (non-violence) for the benefit of all mankind, averting warfare and loss of life through peaceful means.

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