Bhagavad Gita Chapter 3, Shlok 42

indriyāṇi parāṇyāhur indriyebhyaḥ paraṁ manaḥ
manasas tu parā buddhir yo buddheḥ paratas tu saḥ

The senses are superior to the gross body, and superior to the senses is the mind. Beyond the mind is the intellect, and even beyond the intellect is the soul.

Word by Word Meaning:

indriyāṇi - senses
parāṇi - superior
āhuḥ - are said
indriyebhyaḥ - than the senses
param - superior
manaḥ - the mind
manasaḥ - than the mind
tu - but
parā - superior
buddhiḥ - intellect
yaḥ - who
buddheḥ - than the intellect
parataḥ - more superior
tu - but
saḥ - that (soul)

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