Bhagavad Gita Chapter 3, Shlok 10

saha-yajñāḥ prajāḥ sṛiṣhṭvā purovācha prajāpatiḥ
anena prasaviṣhyadhvam eṣha vo ’stviṣhṭa-kāma-dhuk

In the beginning of creation, Brahma created humankind along with duties, and said, “Prosper in the performance of these yajñas (sacrifices), for they shall bestow upon you all you wish to achieve.”

Word by Word Meaning:

saha - along with
yajñāḥ - sacrifices
prajāḥ - humankind
sṛiṣhṭvā - created
purā - in beginning
uvācha - said
prajā-patiḥ - Brahma
anena - by this
prasaviṣhyadhvam - increase prosperity
eṣhaḥ - these
vaḥ - your
astu - shall be
iṣhṭa-kāma-dhuk - bestower of all wishes

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