Omkaram Bindu Samyuktham - Lord Shiva Mantra

oṃkāraṃ biṃdusaṃyuktaṃ nityaṃ dhyāyaṃti yoginaḥ |
kāmadaṃ mokṣadaṃ caiva oṃkārāya namo namaḥ ||

Meaning : salutation to the Aumkara, the grantor of wishes and salvation. We call on Thee, Lord of the hosts, the poet of poets, the most famous of all; the Supreme king of spiritual knowledge, O Lord ofspiritual wisdom Listen to us with thy graces and reside in the place (of sacrifice).

The verse can be understood as follows:

"oṃkāraṃ" refers to the sound of the Om mantra, representing the ultimate reality and the essence of all existence.
"biṃdusaṃyuktaṃ" implies that Om is combined with the bindu (dot) which symbolizes the union of individual consciousness with the universal consciousness.
"nityaṃ dhyāyaṃti yoginaḥ " suggests that yogis meditate upon this eternal sound regularly.
"kāmadaṃ" signifies that Om fulfills desires and aspirations.
"mokṣadaṃ caiva" indicates that Om also bestows liberation and spiritual freedom.
"oṃkārāya namo namaḥ" is an invocation, paying obeisance to the divine power of Om.

In essence, this verse praises the significance of the Om mantra, highlighting its role in yogic meditation, its ability to grant worldly desires and spiritual liberation, and the reverence it holds as a sacred and powerful symbol.

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