Bhagavad Gita Chapter 3, Shlok 40

indriyāṇi mano buddhir asyādhiṣhṭhānam uchyate
etair vimohayatyeṣha jñānam āvṛitya dehinam

 The senses, mind, and intellect are said to be breeding grounds of desire. Through them, it clouds one’s knowledge and deludes the embodied soul.

Word by Word Meaning:

indriyāṇi - the senses
manaḥ - the mind
buddhiḥ - the intellect
asya - of this
adhiṣhṭhānam - dwelling place
uchyate - are said to be
etaiḥ - by these
vimohayati - deludes
eṣhaḥ - this
jñānam - knowledge
āvṛitya - clouds
dehinam - the embodied soul

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