Naag Stotra

Agastyaśca pulastyaśca vaiśampāyana āṇi ca.
Sumantujaiminiścaiva pan̄caitē vajravarkā: .1.

Munēḥ kalyāṇamitrasya jaiminēśacāpi kīrtanāt.
Vidyudgnibhayaṁ nāsti lihitaṁ gr̥hamaṇḍalaṁ.2.

Anantō vāsukīḥ padmō mahāpadmamāśca takṣakaḥ.
Kulīra: Karkaṭa: Śaṅkhāścaṣṭau nāga: Prakīrtita: .3.

Yatrahiśāyī bhagavān yatrastē harirīśvaraḥ.
Bhāṅgō bhavati vajrasya tatra śūlasya kathā.4.

|| Iti śrīnāgastōtram sampūrṇam ||

The "Naag Stotra" is a sacred hymn or prayer dedicated to the Nagas, who are serpent deities in Hindu mythology and are often associated with snakes. Nagas hold a significant place in Hinduism, and they are considered both divine and powerful. The "Naag Stotra" is recited by devotees to seek the blessings and protection of the Nagas, to alleviate issues related to snake-related fears or afflictions, and to invoke their positive energy.

When a devoted individual recites the Shri Nag Stotra daily, it is believed that not only does negativity naturally dissipate, but positive energy is also acquired. This practice ensures the well-being of one's family members and can even facilitate the recovery of ailing individuals when performed with sincerity. To overcome various fears and apprehensions in life, reciting this stotra is highly recommended.

The continuous recitation of this stotra is known to fulfill one's desires, and ongoing endeavors that were previously stalled tend to find completion. As a consequence of this recitation, afflictions, anxieties, imperfections, sorrow, negativity, and worries gradually diminish from the devotee's life. Furthermore, worshipping Nag is associated with an increase in one's longevity, reputation, physical strength, and overall well-being. It is of utmost importance to maintain purity and sanctity before engaging in the recitation of the Shri Nag Stotra, as it bestows a multitude of benefits upon individuals in their lives.

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