Mahalaxmi Vrat Katha

Mahalaxmi Fast Story : 

Gajalakshmi fast i.e. Mahalaxmi fast (mahalaxmi) has special significance in Hinduism. This fast begins on the day of Bhadrapada Shukla Ashtami and this fast is observed for 16 days. Mother Lakshmi is worshiped in this fast. By observing this fast, you get happiness - prosperity and wealth. There are many types of folklore associated with this fast, but some stories are quite popular.

Once during Mahabharata period, Maharishi Ved Vyas Ji visited Hastinapur. Maharaj Dhritarashtra invited him to visit her palace. Rani Gandhari and Rani Kunti asked Muni Ved Vyas that you, Muni, tell me how to remain the mother Goddess of wealth, Lakshmi and prosperity in our kingdom. On hearing this, Ved Vyas Ji said that if you want happiness and prosperity in your state, then annually Ashwini Krishna Ashtami should be duly fasted to Shri Mahalakshmi.

After listening to the sage, both Kunti and Gandhari vowed to perform Mahalaxmi Vrat Katha. Rani Gandhari built a huge yard in the courtyard of his palace with the help of 100 sons and invited all the women of the city to worship, but did not send an invitation to Rani Kunti. When all the women started going to the palace of Gandhari to worship, Kunti became depressed. Seeing the sad mother, the five Pandavas asked, "Why are you sad mother?" Then Kunti told the whole thing. On this, Arjun said, Mother, prepare for Mahalakshmi Puja, I bring an elephant for you. Saying this, Arjun went to Indra and brought Airavat elephant from Indralok to his mother. When the women of the city came to know that Airavat elephant came from heaven in Rani Kunti's palace, there was noise in the whole city. The entire city gathered to see the elephant and all the married women worshiped Mahalaxmi by law. Legendary belief is that the story of this fast is told 16 times and everything or worship material is offered 16 times.

 Mahalakshmi Second Mythology: 

According to the legend, once in ancient times, a village had a poor Brahmin. He was an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu. One day, happy with his devotion, Lord Vishnu appeared to him and asked him to ask for a boon. The Brahmin said that Lakshmi should always live in her house. After knowing this desire, Vishnu said that he can attain Lakshmi but for that he will have to make a little effort. Lord Vishnu said that a woman comes daily in front of the temple and comes here and pats, you just invite them to come to your house. That woman is Goddess Maa Lakshmi. If that woman comes to your house then your house will be filled with money. Saying this, Lord Vishnu became invisible.

The next day the Brahmin sat in front of the temple at 4 o'clock in the morning and when Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, came to Pathne, the Brahmin requested her to come to his house. After listening to the Brahmin's personality, Lakshmi understood that all this was done by Vishnu. Mata Lakshmi (Mahalaxmi) said that if you do Mahalakshmi fast for 16 days and offer the moon to the moon day and night, then I will come to your house. According to the Goddess, the Brahmin fasted and worshiped the goddess and called Lakshmiji towards the north. To fulfill his promise, the goddess of wealth appeared and she removed all the sufferings of the poor Brahmin and filled her house with wealth.

Mahalakshmi Third Mythology

According to the legend, once Lord Vishnu went out to visit the land of death. Mata Lakshmi also requested that she also want to come with him. Lord Vishnu was familiar with his nature, so he warned him in advance that I can take you along on the same condition. Goddess Lakshmi was very happy in her mind that let's agree conditionally to take God with her.
I agree with the quote from Mata Phatak. Lord Vishnu said that I have to do as I say. Mother said, I will do exactly as you say. Both came to the land and started wandering. After stopping at one place, Shri Hari told Mata that I am going towards south direction. You have to wait for me right here. Saying this, Lord Vishnu moved towards the south. Now Mother was curious as to what is there in the south direction that God does not want to take me there. Mother's nature is considered fickle anyway. They did not stay there for long and they started moving towards Lord Vishnu. Going forward, Mother saw a mustard field. Her beauty charmed mother. She started cutting flowers and doing her makeup.

After this, she moved forward a few minutes to see the sugarcane fields. When he wanted to suck sugarcane, he broke the sugarcane and started sucking that Lord Vishnu came back. Lord Vishnu became enraged at seeing Goddess Lakshmi adorned with mustard flowers while sucking cane. God said that you have violated the condition. I told you to stop there but you did not stop and here you have committed a crime by plucking flowers and sugarcane from the farmer's fields. You will get punished for this. Lord Vishnu cursed Mata Lakshmi to serve the farmer for 12 years and lost herself to Kshirsagar.

Now the forced mother Lakshmi had to stay at the farmer's house. One day Mata Lakshmi asked the farmer's wife to worship the idol of Goddess Lakshmi and said that you will get whatever you ask for. The farmer's wife did the same. In a few days, his house was full of money. 12 years passed in laughter happiness prosperity. When Lord Vishnu came to take Goddess Lakshmi, the farmer took the courage to not let her mother go. On this, Goddess Lakshmi said that if she worships me lawfully on the thirteenth day of Kartik Krishna Paksha, she will not leave her house. But she will not be visible to him during this time. He should set up an urn and keep some money in it i.e. wealth will be the form of Lakshmi. In this way, on the day of Teres, the farmer did the worship according to his mother and established the urn and the house of the farmer started to be full of money. Since then, the tradition of worshiping Goddess Lakshmi on Dhanteras has also continued.


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