Shanivar Vrat Katha

At one time, there was debate among nine planets on the question of who is the biggest in heaven. All the gods came to Devraj Indra for decision and said - O Devraj, you have to decide who is the greatest among us? Indra got confused after hearing the question of the Gods, then he suggested everyone to walk to King Vikramaditya in Prithiloka.

All the planets reached the court of the Bho-lok king Vikramaditya. When the planets asked their question to King Vikramaditya, he too got upset for some time because all the planets were great because of their respective powers. By calling anyone small or big, the wrath of their anger could cause terrible harm.

Suddenly King Vikramaditya figured out a solution and made nine postures of various metals like gold, silver, bronze, copper, lead, ranga, zinc, mica and iron. Gold posture and iron posture were placed at the front. He asked all the gods to sit on their seats. He said- Whose posture is taken, whose posture will be the first and the one which will be the shortest.

Since iron posture was at the back, Shani Dev understood that the king made me the youngest. Shani Dev was angry with this decision and said - O Rajan, you have insulted me by sitting behind me. You are not familiar with my powers. Sun stays on one zodiac one month, moon two months two days, Mars one and a half months, Mercury and Venus one month, Jupiter thirteen months, but I am on any amount from two and a half years to seven and a half years I live till I have caused great gods to suffer from my wrath, now you too be careful of my wrath.

On this, King Vikramaditya said - whatever will be in luck will be seen.

After this, the gods of the other planets left with happiness, but Shanidev left with great anger. After some time, when King Vikramaditya came to the condition of ½ and a half, Shanidev took the form of a horse trader and reached the city of Vikramaditya with many horses. King Vikramaditya, seeing those horses, chose a good horse for his ride and climbed it. As the king rode on that horse, he ran at lightning speed. The fast running horse took the king away to a forest and then dropped the king and disappeared there. The king wandered into the forest to return to his city, but found no way. The king felt hungry and thirsty. He found a shepherd when walking a lot. The king asked for water from him. After drinking the water, the king gave his ring to the shepherd, and after asking him the way, he left the forest and went to the nearby town.

Upon reaching the city, the king sat at a shop of Seth. Seth sold a lot as Raja sat at the store for a while. Seth considered the king fortunate and took him to his home for food. In Seth's house, a gold necklace was hanging on a peg. Leaving Raja in that room, Seth went out for a while. Then an amazing incident happened. At the sight of the king, the peg swallowed the gold necklace. When Seth saw the necklace missing, he suspected the king of theft and asked his servants to tie this foreigner with ropes and take it to the king of the city. When the king asked Vikramaditya about the defeat, he told that the peg swallowed the necklace. The king was enraged at this and ordered Vikramaditya to cut off his hands and feet in the crime of stealing. The soldiers cut off the hands and feet of King Vikramaditya and left him on the road.

A few days later a oilie picked them up and took them to their house and made them sit on the crusher. The king used to shake the bulls with a voice. In this way the oil bull kept on running and the king continued to get food. The rainy season started when Sati's outbreak was completed. One night Vikramaditya Megh Malhar was singing, when the princess of the city passed by the house riding on a beautiful chariot. When he heard Malhar, he liked it and sent the maid to call the singer. The maid returned and told the princess everything about the handicapped king. The princess was very fascinated with her cloud Malhar and despite knowing everything she decided to marry the handicapped king.

The princess was surprised when she told her parents. He explained to her a lot but the princess did not give up her stubbornness and decided to give up her life. Eventually the king-queen was forced to marry the princess to the handicapped Vikramaditya. After marriage, King Vikramaditya and Princess began living in Teli's house. In the same night, Shanidev said to the king - you saw my wrath. I have punished you for your insults. The king asked Shanidev to forgive him and prayed - O Shanidev, do not give any other sorrow as you have given me.

Shani Dev said- Rajan, I accept your prayer. Whoever will worship me, men and women, will listen to the story, who will always pay attention to me, feed flour to ants, he will be free from all kinds of sufferings and all his desires will be fulfilled. Saying this, Shanidev disappeared.

In the morning, when King Vikramaditya woke up, the king was very happy to see his hands and feet. He bowed down to Lord Shani in his mind. The princess too was shocked to see the king's hands and feet safe. Then King Vikramaditya, while introducing himself, narrated the whole story of Shani Dev's wrath.

When Seth came to know about this, he came running and fell at the feet of King Vikramaditya and started apologizing. King Vikramaditya forgave him because he knew that all this happened due to the wrath of Shani Dev. Seth took King Vikramaditya again to his house and served him food. A surprise incident occurred while eating. Seeing everyone, that peg threw out defeat. Seth also married his daughter to the king and by sending many gold ornaments, money etc., sent the king off.

When King Vikramaditya returned to his town with Princess Manabhavani and Seth's daughter, the townspeople welcomed him with joy. The next day King Vikramaditya announced in the whole state that Shanidev is the best of all the planets. Every man and woman should observe them on Saturday and listen to the fast. Shanidev was very pleased with the announcement of King Vikramaditya.

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