Ravivar Vrat Katha

Fast Story:

In ancient times, there used to be an old lady in a city. She used to wake up every morning in the morning and take bath and clean the courtyard by dipping it with cow dung. After that, after worshiping the Sun God, he used to prepare food and offer food to the God himself. By the grace of Lord Suryadev, he did not have any kind of worry and trouble. Gradually, his house was getting filled with money. Seeing that old lady happy, his neighbor started burning badly with him. The old lady did not keep any cow. So to bring home Sunday, she used to bring cow dung tied in her neighborhood courtyard. Padosan, thinking something, tied his cow indoors. Due to non-availability of cow dung on Sunday, the old lady could not take her patio. Due to not being able to leap the courtyard, the old lady did not enjoy the sun god and did not eat herself that day. At sunset, the old hungry and thirsty slept. In this way, he fasted. In the night, the Sun God appeared to him in a dream and asked him the reason for not fasting and not offering him enjoyment. The old lady spoke in a very compassionate voice about the tying of cows inside the house and not getting cow dung. Knowing the reason of the trouble of his devotee, the Sun God took away all his sorrows and said - O mother, we give you a cow that fulfills all desires. Because you always take food all over the house on Sunday by making a meal with cow dung and eating it yourself, I am very happy with it. By observing my fast and listening to the story, the poor get wealth and the infertile women get a son. By giving such a boon to that old lady in the dream, Lord Surya disappeared.
Before sunrise in the morning, the old woman's eyes opened and she was surprised to see a beautiful cow and calf in the courtyard of her house. By tying the cow in the courtyard, he quickly brought it to feed and fed it. When the neighbor saw that beautiful cow and calf tied in the old courtyard, she started burning more than that. Then the cow dung gold. On seeing the dung, the neighbor's eyes burst. The neighbor did not find the old lady nearby and immediately picked up the cow dung and took it to her house and kept her cow dung there. The neighbor became rich with gold dung in a few days. The cow used to do gold dung every day before sunrise and before the old lady got up, the neighbor used to take that cow dung.

For a long time the old lady did not know anything about the gold dung. The old lady kept fasting on Lord Surya Dev every Sunday and listening to the story. But when the Sun God came to know about the cleverness of the neighborhood, he fired a strong thunderstorm. Seeing the outbreak of the storm, the old lady tied the cow indoors. Waking up in the morning, the old lady saw the dung of gold, she was very surprised. After that day the old lady started tying the cow indoors. The old lady became very rich with gold dung in a few days. The neighborhood became badly burnt to ashes due to the richness of that old lady. When she did not think of any way to get the gold dung, she reached the king's court and told the king everything. When the king came to know about the cow giving gold dung to the old lady, he sent his soldiers and ordered to bring the old cow's cow. The soldiers reached the old lady's house. At that time the old lady was about to take food herself by offering to the Sun God. The king's soldiers opened the cow and took it with them to the palace. The old lady pleaded with the soldiers not to take the cow, cried a lot but the king's soldiers refused. The old lady was deeply saddened by the cow's departure. She did not eat anything that day and started praying to the Sun God all night to retrieve the cow. On the other hand the king was very happy to see the cow. But the next day, as soon as he woke up, the whole palace was filled with dung and panicked. The same night Lord Surya came in his dream and said - O Rajan. It is good for you to return this cow to the old lady. I have given him this cow only after being happy with the fast of Sunday.

As soon as dawn, the king summoned the old lady to the palace and returned the cow with a lot of money with respect and apologized. After this the king punished the neighbor. After doing so, the dirt cleared away from the king's palace. On the same day, the state announced that all men and women should fast on Sunday. By fasting on Sunday, the houses of all the people were filled with money. There was happiness all around. The physical suffering of all people went away.

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