Fourth day of Navratri - Kushmanda devi

Important information

Kushmanda Mata is the fourth form out of the nine forms of Durga. Maa Kushmanda Devi is worshiped on the fourth day of the festival of Navratri. All the devotees worship Kushmanda Mata on this day. On this day the mind of the seeker is situated in the 'Adahat' chakra. The followers of Kalikula tradition consider Goddess Kushmanda as the fourth form of Goddess Parvati. The meaning of Kushmanda is 'Ku' - 'little', 'Ushma' means - 'heat' or 'energy' and 'Anda' means - 'cosmic'.

Kushmanda is worshiped on the fourth day of Navratri and Goddess Kushmanda is believed to improve health and bestow wealth and power. Goddess Kushmanda has eight hands and for this reason she is also known as Ashtabhuja Devi. In his seven hands, respectively, kamandala, bow, arrow, lotus-flower, nectar-filled urn, chakra and mace are held. In the eighth hand there is a rosary giving all the siddhis and funds. Kushmanda Mata's vehicle is a lion.

It is believed that Kushmanda Devi created the universe when the universe did not exist. Therefore, this is the original form of the universe, the original power. Their abode is in the inner world of the solar system. Only Kushmanda Mata has the ability and power to reside there. The radiance and radiance of his body are equally as radiant as the sun.

The ten directions are being illuminated by the radiance and light of the Mother. The brightness in all the objects and beings of the universe is its shadow.


On this day, as far as possible, a bright married woman with a big forehead should be worshipped. It is preferable to feed them curd, pudding in their food. After this, fruits, dry fruits and good luck items should be offered. Due to which the mother is pleased and the desired results are obtained.

Fruit of Worship

Worshiping Maa Kushmanda removes all the diseases and sorrows of the devotees. Their devotion increases life, fame, strength and health. Maa Kushmanda is going to be pleased with little service and devotion. If a man becomes his refuge with a sincere heart, then he can very easily attain the supreme position.

Mantra of Kushmanda

Surasampurnakalasham Rudhiraplutmev Ch |
Dadhana Hastapadmabhayam in Kushmanda Shubhadastu ||

Oṃ Devī Kuṣhmāṇḍā Namaḥ

Prarthana of Kushmanda

Ya Devi Sarvabhoo‍teshu Maa Kushmanda Rupen Sansthita |
Namastasyai Namastasyai Namastasyai Namo Namh ||

Meaning- Hey Maa Ambe, enthroned everywhere and famous as Kushmanda, I salute you again and again. Or I salute you again and again. O mother, grant me deliverance from all sins.


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