Maa Annapurna Ki Vrat Katha

Fast Story:

This 21-day fast of Mata Annapurna is going to give very miraculous results. This fast (Aghan) is started for 21 days in the month of Margashirsha from Pratipada of Shukla Paksha. If you cannot fast in this fast, then fasting can be followed by eating food for one time. On this fast, read the story of Mata Annapurna and offer bhog by lighting a lamp of ghee in the morning.
Annapurna Sadapurne Shankar Pran Vallabhe.
Gyan Vairagya Siddhartham Bhikshan Dehi Ch Parvati.
Mother Goddess Parvati Devi Father Deo Maheshwara.
Bandhwa Shiva Bhaktash Swadesho Bhuvanantrayam. It is a matter of time. The name of the wife of Dhananjay, a resident of Kashi, was Sulakshana. He had all the other comforts, only poverty was the reason for his grief. This grief used to haunt him all the time. One day, Sulkshana said to her husband - Swami! If you do some enterprise then it will work. How long will it work like this? The matter of Sulakshana sat in Dhananjaya's mind and he sat down the same day to please Vishwanath Shankar ji and started saying - O Devadhidev Vishweshwar! I do not know anything about worship, only I am sitting on you. After so much request, he sat hungry and thirsty for two-three days. Seeing this, Lord Shankar shouted ‘Annapurna! Annapurna !! Annapurna !!! ’said this three times. Who said what? Dhananjay got into this thinking that after seeing the Brahmins coming from the temple, he started asking - Panditji! Who is Annapurna? The Brahmins said - you have left food, so you think of food itself. Go home and get food. Dhananjay went home, told the woman everything, she said - Nath! Don't worry, Shankarji himself has given this mantra. They will reveal themselves. You go and worship them again. Dhananjaya again sat in the tit worship. At night Shankar ji gave the order. Said, go in the east direction. He used to chant Annapurna's name and eat fruits on the way, drinking water from springs. This went on for so many days. There she came to see the beauty of the silver shining bun. In view of the beautiful lake, or how many nymphs were sitting on its banks. Used to tell a story And everyone used to say 'Mother Annapurna' again and again.
It was the bright night of the month of Aghaan and today was the beginning of the fast. The word he had come out to search, he got to hear it there. Dhananjay went to him and asked- O ladies! What do you do? They all said that we all observe mother Annapurna fast. What is the worship performed by fasting? Has anyone done this? When to do it? What kind of fast is there and what method is there? Tell me too She started saying - everyone can do this fast. 21 knot yarn should be taken for twenty one days. If you do not become 21 days, then fast for one day, if it does not happen then only listen to the story and take prasad. Tell the story by staying unharmed, if no one is listening to the story, then keep the peepal leaves in front of the betel nut or the ghrita kumari (guvarpath) tree and witness the lamp, do not put a grain in the mouth without telling the story to the sun, cow, Tulsi or Mahadev. If something happens by mistake, then fast for one day. Do not be angry and lie on the day of fasting. Dhananjay said - What will happen with this fast? She started saying - by doing this, the blind get eyes, the lools get their hands, the poor get home, the infertile get children, the fool gets the knowledge, the mother who fulfills her wish, the mother fulfills her wish. He started saying - sisters! I also have no wealth, no knowledge, there is nothing, I am a sad Brahmin, will I get yarn for this fast? Yes brother, may you be well, give it to you, but take the mangalsut of this fast. Dhananjaya fasted. The fast was completed when only the golden pearl of 21 blocks of the lake appeared to be studded with diamonds. Dhananjay Jai used to call ‘Annapurna’ ‘Annapurna’. In this way, how many steps descended, then what is the view that Annapurna temple is illuminated with crores of sun, Mother Annapurna is sitting on Suvarna Singhasan in front of her. Lord Shankar is standing in front of alms. Devangans make a chavar. How many weapons are worn Dhananjaya ran and fell at Jagdamba's feet. Devi came to know about his distress. Dhananjay started saying- Mother! You are the conscience. What should I tell you about my condition? Mother said - have done my fast, the world will welcome you. Mata wrote the Beej Mantra on Dhananjay's Jihnwa. Now his voyage appeared in Rome. What he sees in this is that he is standing in the temple of Kashi Vishwanath. Dhananjay came home taking mother's boon. Told everyone everything Due to the blessings of mother, property started rising in her house. The small house came to be counted as very big. Like flies are deposited in honeycomb, similarly many relatives came and started to praise him. They started saying - so much wealth and such a big house, if not a beautiful child, who will enjoy this income? You do not have children with a means, therefore, do a second marriage. Despite reluctance, Dhananjay had to get a second marriage and Sati Sulakshana had to suffer the loss of a hundred. Thus the day passed, then came the Aghan month. The sulakshana said to the husband bound by the new bond, that we are happy with the effect of the fast. Therefore, this fast should not be abandoned. This is the glory of mother. Which we are so rich and happy. Dhananjay came here after listening to Sulakshana and sat in the vow. The new daughter-in-law did not know about this fast. She was looking forward to the arrival of Dhananjay. Days passed and three days were left for the completion of the fast that the new daughter-in-law had to get news. The flame of jealousy was burning in his mind. Arrived at Sulakshana's house and she set a stampede there. She took Dhananjay with her Nidhan pressed Dhananjay into the new house for a while. At the same time, the new daughter-in-law broke the thread of her fast and threw it into the fire. Now Mother's anger woke up. A sudden fire broke out in the house, everything burned down. Sulakshana came to know and brought her husband back home. The new daughter-in-law got angry and sat at her father's house. The sage who considered her husband as God, said - Nath! Do not panic. Mother's grace is supernatural. The son becomes a son, but the mother is not Kumata. Now you start worshiping with reverence and devotion. She will definitely do our welfare. Dhananjay again fell behind Mata. Then there appeared the lake of the lake, saying 'Maa Annapurna', he got down. Going there began to cry at the feet of mother. Mother said: Take this golden idol of yours, worship it, you will be happy again, you are my blessing. Your lady Sulakshana has fasted me with reverence, I have given her a son. When Dhananjay opened his eyes, he found himself standing in the temple of Kashi Vishwanath. Then came home again in the same way. Here the days of sultanas came and the son was born as soon as the month was over. A wave of surprise ran in the village. Started accepting In this way, after being the son of childless Seth of the same village, he got the temple of Mata Annapurna built in it, Mata ji started with great pomp, performed a yajna and gave Dhananjaya the post of Acharya of the temple. Gave a beautiful temple for living and a beautiful house for living. Dhananjay lived there with a woman and son. Mother's offerings began to earn a lot of income. On the other hand, the father-in-law of the new daughter-in-law was robbed, all was plundered, they started begging. When Sulakshana heard this, she was called, sent to a separate house and arranged for her food and clothes. Dhananjaya, Sulakshana and his son started living happily with the blessings of mother. Fill the stores of everyone as Mother has filled their stores.

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