Deepawali Katha

Today, the festival of Diwali is dedicated to the worship of Goddess Lakshmi. To get wealth and wealth, listen to the story of Goddess Lakshmi today. On this day, worship of Goddess Lakshmi, Shri Ganesh and Kubera should be done with the method of worship. On this day, illuminate your home with lamps, bring the items and sweets of Mata Lakshmi's choice. Along with Mata Lakshmi, offer laddus to Lord Ganesha.

This story of Goddess Lakshmi

This story of Mata Lakshmi is prevalent in the context of Deepawali. Once, on the new moon day of Kartik month, Goddess Lakshmi was wandering, then she forgot the way. It was dark everywhere. Everyone on the earth was sleeping, the doors of the house were closed. Mata Lakshmi reached the house of an old woman, who was driving a charkha while touring. He arranged a bed etc. for Mata Lakshmi to rest, where Mata Lakshmi rested.

During this time she was busy with her work. She slept while working. When his eyes opened, the palace was replaced by his hut. All things other than money and money were present in his house. There was no lack of anything. When the mother Lakshmi had left from there, she could not know the old lady. Mata Lakshmi was pleased with the service of that woman and was kind to her. Since then, the tradition of celebrating Kartik Amavasya at night every year started. On this day, people started keeping the doors of their houses open for the arrival of Goddess Lakshmi.

Story of Mata Lakshmi for Dhanteras

Once on the day of Trayodashi of Krishna Paksha of Kartik month, Lord Vishnu and Mother Lakshmi were touring the earth. Lord Vishnu stopped Mata Lakshmi at one place and said that he is going in the south direction, you stay here till he returns. Saying this, Lord Vishnu departed from there. After some time, Mata Lakshmi got curious about why Srihari Vishnu has gone south.

Mata Lakshmi went from there in the direction to which Lord Vishnu went. On the way, she was shocked to see yellow mustard flowers in a field. They made up their makeup with him and plucked sugarcane from another sugarcane field. Then Lord Vishnu came there. They got angry seeing Mata Lakshmi there. They said that you have stolen from the farmer's farm and they have not listened to it. Because of this, you will have to serve the farmer for 12 years now. After this Lord Vishnu left from there.

Mata Lakshmi lived with that farmer for 12 years, he was very rich. He did not lack gold, silver, grain, etc. After 12 years, Lord Vishnu came to take Mata Lakshmi, then the farmer refused to send her. Then Lord Vishnu said that due to his curse, Goddess Lakshmi has served you for 12 years, now she cannot live here, but the farmer still did not agree.

Then Mata Lakshmi said that tomorrow is Trayodashi Tithi, on this day to clean the whole house, keep the money and money in the urn at night and worship me with the law. I will dwell in that vase, but you will not be able to see me. By worshiping on this day, I will stay at your house for the whole year. He obeyed Goddess Lakshmi and worshiped Trayodashi, which made him richer than ever before. For this reason, every year, Trayodashi of Krishna Paksha of Kartik month started worshiping Goddess Lakshmi.

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