Mangala Ashtaka: The Auspicious Hymn for Seeking Divine Blessings

The "Mangala Ashtaka" is a revered Sanskrit hymn that holds a special place in Hindu devotional literature. It is a beautiful invocation to Lord Mangala, also known as Lord Hanuman, the embodiment of strength, devotion, and protection. This ashtaka, a hymn of eight verses, is chanted with deep reverence to seek blessings, protection, and auspiciousness in various aspects of life.

The Mangala Ashtaka:

Namōstu gadādharāya, nityamāyā vēdaśē.
Mūrtimantē, nārāyaṇavallabhā'ī, suguṇayā sākṣīnē.

Śrīvatsavakṣadharāya, rāmānujaya tējasē.
Kēśavayā, dāmōdarāya, nāmavēdhaya tubhyam.

Namaskāra maṅgalāya, sumaṅgaladāyinī.
Mahābalaya, rāmāyācī icchā, dr̥ḍha prēmaḷa.

Śaravānandavardhanāya, saumaṅgalaya maṅgalam.
Nirōgī, sadācārī, sadācārī.


"Salutations to the wielder of the mace, the eternal source of knowledge.
Oh Lord of the divine form, beloved of Lord Narayana, the embodiment of virtues and the witness of all."

"Salutations to the one with the mark of Shrivatsa on His chest, the radiant descendant of Lord Rama.
Oh Keshava, Damodara, the knower of names, I offer my salutations to You."

"Salutations to the auspicious one, the bestower of abundant auspiciousness.
The greatly powerful, the desired Lord Rama, the steadfast lover."

"Salutations to the one who brings joy to Lord Shiva and others, the giver of ultimate auspiciousness.
The granter of good health, the one who embodies virtues and enhances them."

The Essence of the Mangala Ashtaka

The Mangala Ashtaka extols the divine attributes of Lord Hanuman, who is revered as the epitome of devotion, courage, and protection. Through these verses, devotees seek the blessings of Lord Mangala for auspiciousness, physical and spiritual strength, protection from obstacles, and overall well-being.

Significance and Benefits

Auspiciousness: Chanting the Mangala Ashtaka is believed to attract and invoke auspiciousness into one's life, fostering a positive and harmonious environment.

Strength: Devotees seek Lord Hanuman's strength and courage to overcome challenges, both physical and spiritual, with unwavering determination.

Protection: Lord Hanuman is often regarded as the protector, guarding devotees from malevolent forces and guiding them on the righteous path.

Devotion: The hymn is a way to express deep devotion and reverence to Lord Mangala, strengthening the spiritual connection with the divine.

Chanting the Mangala Ashtaka

Devotees often chant the Mangala Ashtaka daily or during special occasions, dedicating themselves to Lord Hanuman's divine presence. The repetition of these verses not only invokes blessings but also creates a sense of inner peace, devotion, and protection.

The Mangala Ashtaka is a timeless hymn that encapsulates the spirit of devotion and the quest for divine blessings and auspiciousness. It is a heartfelt expression of reverence to Lord Hanuman, seeking his divine strength and protection, leading devotees on a path of righteousness, courage, and spiritual fulfillment.

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