Bhagavad Gita Chapter 2, Shlok 22

vāsānsi jīrṇāni yathā vihāya
navāni gṛihṇāti naro ’parāṇi
tathā śharīrāṇi vihāya jīrṇānya
nyāni sanyāti navāni dehī

As a person sheds worn-out garments and wears new ones, likewise, at the time of death, the soul casts off its worn-out body and enters a new one.

Word by Word Meaning:

vāsānsi - garments
jīrṇāni - worn-out
yathā - as
vihāya - sheds
navāni - new
gṛihṇāti - accepts
naraḥ - a person
aparāṇi - others
tathā - likewise
śharīrāṇi - bodies
vihāya - casting off
jirṇāni - worn-out
anyāni - other
sanyāti - enters
navāni - new
dehī - the embodied soul

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