Om Namo Hanumate Bhaya Bhanjanaya- Lord Hanuman Mantra

The Sanskrit mantra is a sacred chant dedicated to Lord Hanuman. When recited, it is believed to invoke the blessings and protection of Lord Hanuman. The mantra expresses devotion to Hanuman and seeks to alleviate fear while bringing about happiness and well-being. Many devotees of Lord Hanuman chant this mantra to seek his guidance, strength, and assistance in overcoming difficulties and obstacles in life. It is a powerful and revered mantra in Hinduism.


Ōm namō hanumatē bhaya bhan̄janāya |
sukham kuru phaṭa svāhā ||

Meaning Sankrit to English

  • Om: This is the sacred syllable that represents the universal consciousness and the ultimate reality. It is often used as a prefix to many Hindu mantras.
  • Namah: This word is a salutation or homage, indicating a respectful greeting or bowing to the deity.
  • Hanumate: This refers to Lord Hanuman, addressing him by name.
  • Bhaya: This means fear or danger.
  • Bhanjanaya: This word signifies the one who destroys or dispels.
  • Sukham: It means happiness or well-being.
  • Kuru: This is a verb form of "do" or "make," instructing or requesting the deity to perform the action.
  • Phat: This is a mystical syllable often used in Hindu mantras. It can be associated with the breaking or removal of obstacles.
  • Swaha: This is a common ending in many Vedic rituals and mantras, symbolizing the act of offering or surrender.

The mantra is a salutation and a prayer to Lord Hanuman, invoking his blessings and seeking his help in dispelling fear and obstacles while bestowing happiness and well-being. The use of "Phat" signifies the breaking or removal of these obstacles. It's a powerful mantra used by devotees to seek protection and guidance from Lord Hanuman.

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