Shri Laxmi Mahima

Yatraabhyagavadanmana charan prakshalanam bhojan |
Satsegha Pitrudevarchana Vidhi: Satyangavan Palanam ||

Dhanyanampi sagraho na kalhischatta truu pa priya |
Drishta Praha Hari Vasami Kamala Tasmin grhe Nishphala ||

Meaning - Where the guest comes to be entertained... where they are fed, where gentlemen are served, where God is worshiped and other rituals are performed in a constant spirit, where truth is followed Where there are no wrongdoings, where cows are protected, where grain is collected for giving, where there is no misery, where the wife is content and humble, in such a place I always remain calm. I occasionally look at their place of service.

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