Ramaya Ramabhadraya - Lord Rama Mantra

The mantra is a reverential and devotional chant dedicated to Lord Rama. Here is the translation of the mantra:

Rāmāya Rāmabhadrāya Rāmacandrāya Vedhase |
Raghunāthāya Nāthāya Sītāyāḥ Pataye Namaḥ ||

"I bow to Lord Rama, the virtuous, the embodiment of bliss, the illuminator of the Raghu dynasty, the supreme lord, and the husband of Sita."

Significance of Each Syllable

  • Rāmāya: This word pays homage to Lord Rama, addressing Him directly. It signifies the divine form of Rama.
  • Rāmabhadrāya: This term acknowledges Rama as the source of all goodness and auspiciousness. It emphasizes His virtuous nature.
  • Rāmacandrāya: It reveres Lord Rama as the moon in the night sky, illuminating the darkness of ignorance with His divine radiance.
  • Vedhase: This word signifies Lord Rama as the ultimate creator and sustainer of the universe, acknowledging His cosmic role.
  • Raghunāthāya: This term addresses Lord Rama as the Lord and protector of the Raghu dynasty. It acknowledges His divine lineage and qualities as a noble ruler.
  • Nāthāya: Here, the mantra recognizes Lord Rama as the divine "Natha," the master and sustainer of all. It implies His role as the guardian and guide of His devotees.
  • Sītāyāḥ: This part of the mantra reveres Sita, Lord Rama's consort and the embodiment of virtue, purity, and devotion. It acknowledges her presence by His side.
  • Pataye: The term "Pataye" signifies Lord Rama as the Supreme Lord and the ultimate authority. It highlights His divine sovereignty.
  • Namaḥ : I salute the Rama.

The Sacred Salutation

  • The Rama mantra is a heartfelt salutation to Lord Rama, addressing Him by His divine names. Each word in the mantra reverberates with deep spiritual significance, encapsulating the essence of Lord Rama's divinity.

Transcending Time and Space

  • This mantra transcends the boundaries of time and space, carrying with it the divine presence of Lord Rama through the ages. It connects the devotee with the eternal and unchanging aspect of the divine.

This mantra is a salutation to Lord Rama and is often recited by devotees as an expression of devotion and reverence towards Him. It acknowledges the divine qualities and the significance of Lord Rama in Hinduism.

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