5 Principal of Viddhyarti (Student) life

Kaak cheshta, Bako dhyaanan, Svaan nidra svaiv ch |
Alpaari, Sadachari, Vidyaarthee jeevan panch laksham ||

  1. Kaak cheshta - The student should always try as a crow, wherever knowledge is being received, it should be taken away.
  2. Bako dhyaanan - Just like heron, one should concentrate on the way in which heron meditates for fishing in water, in the same way the student should concentrate his attention in attaining knowledge.
  3. Svaan nidra - This is the meaning of Swan, a Dog. The way a dog wakes up lightly does not make any laziness, just like a student should never be lazy.
  4. Alpaari - The student should always eat less food so that his or her recognition is healthy and does not become sluggish.
  5. Sadachari - There should always be positive thoughts, respect for elders and teachers. Little ones should be loved by their own.

These five symptoms should be inside a student or they should adopt these five symptoms in their life.

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