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  • Did you know : Originally known as 64 Jyothirling in India, 12 Jyotirlingam is considered to be very auspicious and sacred.
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Jyotirling has a major significance in Hindus and Jyotirlingam is mentioned in the Vedas and Puranas of Hindus. Jyotirling or Jyotirlingam exhibits a divine power, which represents the highest Lord Shiva. Jyoti means 'shine' or 'source of light', the lingam which represents Lord Shiva, which says that Shiva is omnipotent and divine.

It has 12 Jyotirlingam temples in India. It is located in different states of India. Originally known as 64 Jyothirling in India, 12 Jyotirlingam is considered to be very auspicious and sacred. Separate expression and power forms in different names in the twelve Jyotirlinga temples and each places take the name of God of power, but each name and power is a partial form of Lord Shiva.  In Jyotirlinga, Lord Shiva appeared for some reason, where Shiva present as a vivid pillar of light. Therefore they are called Jyotirlinga and Jyotirling.

In a verse of Sanskrit, Jyotirling or Jyotirlingam has been told about:

Saurāṣṭre Somanāthaṃ ca Śrīśaile Mallikārjunam.
Ujjayinyāṃ Mahākālam Omkāram Mamleśhwaram.
Paraly Vaidyanāthaṃ cha Ḍākinyāṃ Bhīmaśhaṅkaram.
Setubandhe tu Rāmeśaṃ Nāgeśhaṃ Dārukāvane.
Vārāṇasyāṃ tu Viśveśaṃ Tryambakaṃ Gautamītaṭe.
Himālaye tu Kedāraṃ Ghuśmeśaṃ ca Śivālaye.
etāni jyotirliṅgāni sāyaṃ prātaḥ paṭhennaraḥ.
saptajanmakṛtaṃ pāpaṃ smaraṇena vinaśyati.
eteśāṃ darśanādeva pātakaṃ naiva tiṣṭhati.
karmakṣayo bhavettasya yasya tuṣṭo maheśvarāḥ.

This means : Somanath in Saurashtra and Mallikarjunam in Shri-Shailam. Mahakaal in Ujjain, Mamleshwar in Omkareshwar. Vaidyanath in Chitabhoomi,(Deogarh) Jharkhand or Parali in Maharashtra and Bhimashankaram in Dakinya. Ramesham (Rameshwaram) in Sethubandh, Nagesham in Daruka-Vana. Vishwesham (Vishvanath) in Vanarasi, Tryambakam at bank of the river Gautami (Godavari). Kedar (Kedarnath) in Himalayas and Ghushmesh (Ghushmeshwar) in Shivalaya (Shiwar). One who recites these Jyotirlingas every evening and morning is relieved of all sins committed in past seven lives. One who visits these, gets all his wishes fulfilled and one's karma gets eliminated as Maheshwara gets satisfied to the worship.

The twelve jyothirlinga are:

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