Why do Hindu women put vermilion in Mang?

Suhagin is an indicator of women putting vermilion in Mang. In Hindus, only married women apply vermilion. It is forbidden for virgin girls and widow women to apply vermilion. Apart from this, applying vermilion also enhances the beauty of women, that is, their beauty increases. At the time of the marriage ceremony, the groom puts a pinch of vermilion between the mantra five or seven times in the bride's head. After that the marriage work is done. From that day onwards, the woman applies vermilion daily for her husband's longevity and long life. Glittering vermilion in Mang is a major part of women's makeup.

Scientific reason - Women apply vermilion on top of a place called Brahmarandhra and Adhami, which in common language is called Seemand or Mang. This section of women is relatively tender compared to men. Since mercury-like metal is found in excessive quantity in vermilion which regulates the electrical energy of the women's body and avoids external side effects to the place of birth, so it is necessary for women to apply vermilion as well.

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