Glory of Purushottam Month

The significance of Purushottam month is considered to be of utmost importance in Hinduism. It is considered to be even more powerful than Kartik or Damodar month. The Padma Purana states that Kartik month is a hundred times more influential than the normal months, while Purushottam month is a thousand times more powerful than Kartik month.

Glory of Purushottam month (According to Padma Purana and Skanda Purana):

Lord Krishna says:

"Purushottam month has all the power that I have to bless its observer. One who observes Purushottam Vrata, all his past sins are destroyed. Without Purushottam Vrata, no one is called a devotee. The value of Purushottam Vrata is far more than all other types of austerities and religious activities mentioned in the Vedas. Anyone who observes Purushottam Vrata, returns to my abode, Goloka, at the end of his life."

Durvasa Muni says:

"By simply bathing in a holy river in Purushottam month, a man becomes free from sins. The glory of all other months is not even equal to one sixteenth of the glory of Purushottam month. By bathing in a holy place, giving charity and chanting the holy name of Krishna in Purushottam month, all sorrows are destroyed, one attains all kinds of siddhis and all his desires are fulfilled."

Valmiki Muni says:

"By performing Purushottam fast, one gets more benefit than by performing a hundred Ashwamedha sacrifices. All the Tirthas reside in the body of one who performs Purushottam fast. Anyone who performs Purushottam fast faithfully goes to Goloka Vrindavan, the supreme abode of Krishna."

The sage Narada says:

"Purushottam month is the best of all months. By merely hearing the glories of Purushottam month with devotion, a man attains devotion to Krishna and destroys his sins. One who observes the Purushottam fast in a proper manner attains infinite spiritual merit and after leaving the body goes to the Vaikuntha world."

The sages of Naimisharanya say:

"The kind Purushottam month acts like a Kalpavriksha to fulfill the desire of the devotee."

Residing in a holy place during Purushottam month yields 1000 times the reward. If one worships Radha-Krishna with a true heart during Purushottam month, he obtains everything. One who observes the Purushottam fast, all his bad karmas are destroyed and he attains the direct service of Radha-Krishna. Purushottam month is the best month for all spiritual advancement, as Krishna washes away all sins.

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