Ekadashi tithi in 2020

Ekadashi is considered as a day Ekadashi has special significance in Hinduism. This day is called the eleventh day of the two lunar phases occurring in the Hindu month. There are two lunar phases, Shukla Paksha and Krishna Paksha. This day comes 24 times in a year according to the Hindu calendar. Sometimes, there are two additional Ekadashi that occur in a leap year. On each Ekadashi day specific benefits and blessings are attained by performing specific activities. Ekadashi is also mentioned in the Bhagavata Purana.

Ekadashi is considered a spiritual day in Hinduism and Jainism. On this day, women and men fast on Ekadashi. Nothing is eaten nor water is consumed on Nirjala Ekadashi. Most rice is not eaten on this day. Vegetable and milk products are consumed on this day.

Magha, Shukla Ekadashi

January 6, 2020, MondayPausha, Shukla Ekadashi
January 20, 2020, MondayMagha, Krishna Ekadashi
February 5, 2020, WednesdayMagha, Shukla Ekadashi
February 19, 2020, WednesdayPhalguna, Krishna Ekadashi
March 6, 2020, FridayPhalguna, Shukla Ekadashi
March 19, 2020, ThursdayChaitra, Krishna Ekadashi
March 20, 2020, FridayChaitra, Krishna Ekadashi
April 4, 2020, SaturdayChaitra, Shukla Ekadashi
April 18, 2020, SaturdayVaishakha, Krishna Ekadashi
May 3, 2020, SundayVaishakha, Shukla Ekadashi
May 4, 2020, MondayVaishakha, Shukla Ekadashi
May 18, 2020, MondayJyeshtha, Krishna Ekadashi
June 2, 2020, TuesdayJyeshtha, Shukla Ekadashi
June 17, 2020, WednesdayAshadha, Krishna Ekadashi
July 1, 2020, WednesdayAshadha, Shukla Ekadashi
July 16, 2020, ThursdayShravana, Krishna Ekadashi
July 30, 2020, ThursdayShravana, Shukla Ekadashi
August 15, 2020, SaturdayBhadrapada, Krishna Ekadashi
August 29, 2020, SaturdayBhadrapada, Shukla Ekadashi
September 13, 2020, SundayAshwina, Krishna Ekadashi
September 27, 2020, SundayAshwina, Shukla Ekadashi
October 13, 2020, TuesdayAshwina, Krishna Ekadashi
October 27, 2020, TuesdayAshwina, Shukla Ekadashi
November 11, 2020, WednesdayKartika, Krishna Ekadashi
November 25, 2020, WednesdayKartika, Shukla Ekadashi
November 26, 2020, ThursdayKartika, Shukla Ekadashi
December 10, 2020, ThursdayMargashirsha, Krishna Ekadashi
December 11, 2020, FridayMargashirsha, Krishna Ekadashi
December 25, 2020, FridayMargashirsha, Shukla Ekadashi

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