Bhagavad Gita Chapter 4, Shlok 12

kāṅkṣhantaḥ karmaṇāṁ siddhiṁ yajanta iha devatāḥ
kṣhipraṁ hi mānuṣhe loke siddhir bhavati karmajā

 In this world, those desiring success in material activities worship the celestial gods, since material rewards manifest quickly.

Word by Word Meaning:

kāṅkṣhantaḥ - desiring
karmaṇām - material activities
siddhim - success
yajante - worship
iha - in this world
devatāḥ - the celestial gods
kṣhipram - quickly
hi - certainly
mānuṣhe - in human society
loke - within this world
siddhiḥ - rewarding
bhavati - manifest
karma-jā - from material activities

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