Bhagavad Gita Chapter 4, Shlok 37

yathaidhānsi samiddho ’gnir bhasma-sāt kurute ’rjuna
jñānāgniḥ sarva-karmāṇi bhasma-sāt kurute tathā

As a kindled fire reduces wood to ashes, O Arjun, so does the fire of knowledge burn to ashes all reactions from material activities.

Word by Word Meaning:

yathā - as
edhānsi - firewood
samiddhaḥ - blazing
agniḥ - fire
bhasma-sāt - to ashes
kurute - turns
arjuna - Arjun
jñāna-agniḥ - the fire of knowledge
sarva-karmāṇi - all reactions from material activities
bhasma-sāt - to ashes
kurute - it turns
tathā - similarly

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