Bhagavad Gita Chapter 4, Shlok 4

arjuna uvācha
aparaṁ bhavato janma paraṁ janma vivasvataḥ
katham etad vijānīyāṁ tvam ādau proktavān iti

 Arjun said: You were born much after Vivasvan. How am I to understand that in the beginning you instructed this science to him?

Word by Word Meaning:

rjunaḥ uvācha - Arjun said
aparam - later
bhavataḥ - your
janma - birth
param - prior
janma - birth
vivasvataḥ - Vivasvan, the sun-god
katham - how
etat - this
vijānīyām - am I to understand
tvam - you
ādau - in the beginning
proktavān - taught
iti - thus


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