Naag Panchami Ki Katha

Panchami of Shukla Paksha of Saavan month is celebrated as Nag Panchami. On the day of Nag Panchami, Nag Devta or snake is worshiped and bathed with milk, but the tradition of feeding is going on somewhere. Do you know? By feeding the snake, he is unable to digest the milk, due to which he dies. In the scriptures also, the Nagas are told not to feed milk but to bathe with milk. According to Hakmanytaon day of Nag Panchami is to get rid of Kalsarpa blame to Rudrabhishek.
On the same day of Nagpanchami, wrestling is organized in many villages and towns. On this day, animals like cows, oxen are taken to the river, pond and bathed and Ashtanagas are worshiped.

On the festival of Nagpanchami, a huge fair is organized at a place called Nag Kuan in Varanasi (Kashi), it is said that Takshak Nag came to this place to learn Sanskrit as a child in fear of Garuda, but Garuda ji He came to know about this, and he attacked Takshak, but due to the influence of his Guru, Garuda ji donated Abhay to Takshak Nag, since then he worshiped Nagas here on the day of Nag Panchami. Is and who is also the philosophy of Nag Panchami day on Snake to worship Kuan, the prevention of Sarpa Dosha his Jnmkundli.

Story of Nag Panchami : 

Matter of ancient times, there was a Seth. He had seven sons, seven sons were married. The wife of the youngest son of Seth was a high-spirited and gentle woman, but he had no brothers.
One day, the elder daughter-in-law of Seth asked all the daughters-in-law to go with them to bring yellow soil to the house, then all the daughters went to digging the soil with sticks and khurpi. While she was digging the soil, a snake came out there, which the elder daughter-in-law started to kill with the hoof, seeing that the younger daughter-in-law stopped her and said- "Don't kill it?" This poor innocent

Hearing the talk of the younger daughter-in-law, the elder daughter-in-law did not kill that snake and that snake went and sat down. The younger daughter-in-law said to the snake that "You don't go anywhere from here, we are coming back now."

Saying this, the younger daughter-in-law went home with everyone and got stuck in the housework and forgot that she had promised the snake that she would return.
When the younger daughter-in-law remembered this the next day, she took everyone and reached the same place where she had left the snake.
The younger daughter-in-law saw that the snake is still sitting in the same place. Seeing this, the younger daughter-in-law said, "Snake brother prostrate."
The snake said to the younger daughter-in-law, "Where have you brother me, that's why I leave you, otherwise I would have bothered you because of telling a lie."
Then the younger daughter-in-law said, "Brother, I made a mistake, I forgot to come back to you because of the housework, but when I remembered, I came here immediately, you have trouble, I apologize for this."
Then the snake said, "Well, from today you are my sister and I ask your brother, ask me what you want."
Then the younger daughter-in-law said, "I don't have any brother, you have become my brother, I feel very good with this."
After a few days, the snake took the form of a man and came to the younger daughter-in-law's house and said, "My sister lives here, please send her with me."
The in-laws of the younger daughter-in-law said, "If our younger daughter-in-law has no brother, then who are you?"
To this, the snake replied, "I am the brother of his distant relationship, had gone out only in childhood."
Then the in-laws of the younger daughter-in-law called the younger daughter-in-law, and after convincing her, the people of the house sent the younger daughter-in-law with her brother. The snake in the passage said to his sister, 'I am the snake right there, so do not be afraid and where If you have difficulty in walking, take my question. "
The sister did as the serpent said, and thus she reached the serpent's house. She was surprised to see the wealth and opulence there.
One day the serpent's mother said to the serpent's sister, "I am going out of a job, you give your brother cold milk to drink."
The sister did not notice this and gave her brother hot milk, due to which the mouth of the snake got badly burnt. Seeing this, the serpent's mother was very angry, but she calmed down after the serpent was persuaded. The serpent said that it has been a long time for the sister to come, so the sister should now send her in-laws. Then the serpent and his father gave him a lot of gold, silver, gems, clothes and clothes etc. to his in-laws.
When the elder daughter-in-law saw so much money with the younger daughter-in-law, she jealously said, "Your brother is very rich, he has a lot of wealth, you should have brought more money."

When the serpent heard this word, he brought all the things with gold. Seeing this, the elder daughter-in-law said, "The broom to sweep them must also be of gold." Then the snake also brought the broom with gold.
The serpent gave the younger daughter-in-law a wonderful and very beautiful necklace of diamonds. The queen of that country also heard the praise of the younger daughter-in-law's necklace and she said to the king that "Seth's younger daughter-in-law has very beautiful diamond-beads. He has a necklace, his necklace should come here. "
The king ordered the minister to take the defeat from Seth's house and be present in the court soon. The minister went to Sethji and said, "Our Highness has ordered the necklace of the younger daughter-in-law, she will wear that necklace, so you give me that necklace." Seth gave the defeat of his younger daughter-in-law to the minister due to fear.

The younger daughter-in-law found it very bad, she remembered her snake brother and when the snake came, she said "Brother Rani has taken away my necklace, please do something that when the queen puts that necklace on her neck Let it become a snake and give that necklace back to me, then the necklace becomes of diamonds and beads. "
The snake did exactly that. As the queen wore the necklace, it became the snake and the queen started screaming and crying in fear.
Seeing this, the king immediately sent his soldiers to Seth and said that Seth should be present immediately with his younger daughter-in-law. Hearing this, Seth got scared and started thinking about what the king would do and attended the court with the younger daughter-in-law.

The king asked the younger daughter-in-law, "What magic have you done, that this necklace became a snake as soon as it hit the queen's neck, I will punish you."
Younger daughter-in-law said- Rajan! Pardon the pardon, this necklace is such that diamonds and pearls reside in my neck and a snake becomes in the other's neck. ”
Hearing this, the king became the snake and gave the necklace to the younger daughter-in-law and said, "Show this necklace now."
As soon as the younger daughter-in-law wore the necklace, the necklace became of diamonds.
Seeing this, the king was convinced of his point and pleased him and gave him many currencies. The younger daughter-in-law came back home with necklaces and currencies. Seeing all this, the elder daughter-in-law told the younger daughter-in-law's husband because of envy that your wife had got money from somewhere. Hearing this, her husband called his wife and said, "Tell me the truth, who gives you this money?"
Then the younger daughter-in-law started remembering her brother-in-law. At the same time the snake appeared there and said to her sister's husband, "Whoever doubts the conduct of my religious sister, I will eat it."
Hearing this, the younger daughter-in-law's husband was very happy and he gave a big welcome to the snake deity. From that day, the festival of Nagpanchami is celebrated and women worship the serpent as their brother.

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