Lakshmi Panchami Vrat Katha

Maa Lakshmi has great importance in Hinduism. She is considered the goddess of wealth. The person who has the grace of Mother Lakshmi, does not lack any happiness in life. Holi, Basoda, Shani Trayodishi, Lakshmi Panchami and March festivals will begin on this day.

Maa Lakshmi's day falls on Friday, but special worship of Maa Lakshmi is done on the fifth day of Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month. She is very happy to worship mother on this day. For this reason, this day is also called Lakshmi Panchami or Shri Panchami.

Fast Story

Once Goddess Lakshmi became angry with the gods. The deity became devoid of Shree Lakshmi. Then Devaraj Indra did hard penance to please Maa Lakshmi. Following them, other deities also fasted to Maa Lakshmi. Like the gods, the Asuras also worshiped mother Lakshmi. Mother listened to her devotees and she was born after the end of the fast, the Gods were again blessed with the blessings of Shree. It is believed that this date was the fifth date of the Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month. This was the reason that this date began to be celebrated as the fast of Lakshmi Panchami.

Worship Method

Wake up in the morning and take a bath. Worship Maa Lakshmi. Offer a lotus flower to Laxmi Ji. Pledge to keep the fast. Make fruit on this day. In the evening, worship Lakshmi. Offer white cheese.

 Mantra of Maa Lakshmi 

Mahalaxmi Ch Vidmeh,
Vishnupatni Ch Dhamhi,
Tanno Lakshmi: Prachaodayat.

Om Shree Shree Mahalakshmai Shree Shriman Nam:

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