Mangla Gauri Ki Vrat Katha

Fast Story:

This fast of Maa Gauri, which is performed in the month of Shravan, is known as Mangla Gauri. Women observe this fast for the long life of their husbands. The story of this fast is as follows: -

Once upon a time, a merchant named Dharampal lived in a city. His wife was very beautiful and had a lot of assets. But he used to be very sad because he had no children.

He got a son by the grace of God but he was young. He was cursed that at the age of 16, he would die of snake bite. Incidentally, she was married to a young woman before 16 years, whose mother Mangla Gauri used to fast.

As a result, she had blessed her daughter with a happy life due to which she could never be a widow. Because of this Dharampal's son attained a longevity of 100 years.

For this reason all newly married women perform this puja and observe Gauri fast and wish for a long, happy and lasting marital life for themselves. Women who cannot follow fasting also do at least this puja.

After listening to this story, a married woman gives 16 laddus to her mother-in-law and sister-in-law. After this, she also gives the same prasad to the Brahmin. After completing this method, the Vrati performs the aarti of the goddess with 16 wick diyas.

On Wednesday, the second day of the fast, the idol of Goddess Mangla Gauri is immersed in a river or pokhar. Finally, fold your hands in front of Maa Gauri and apologize for all your crimes and for the mistakes you made in worship. This fast and worship is performed for 5 consecutive years for the happiness of the family.
Therefore, according to the scriptures, by doing this Mangla Gauri fast according to the rules, the increase in marital happiness of every man, son and grandson also spend their life happily, such is the glory of this fast.

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