Om Sarvesham Swastirbhavatu - Shloka

The Sanskrit mantra is often recited as an invocation for peace, well-being, and auspiciousness. Here's the translation into English:

Om Sarveshaam Svastir-Bhavatu |
Sarveshaam Shaantir-Bhavatu |
Sarveshaam Puurnnam-Bhavatu |
Sarveshaam Manggalam-Bhavatu |
Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih ||

May there be Well-Being in All,
May there be Peace in All,
May there be Fulfilment in All,
May there be Auspiciousness in All,
Om Peace, Peace, Peace.

This mantra is often chanted or recited with the intention of spreading positive vibes, harmony, and blessings to everyone. The repeated "Om" at the beginning and the concluding "peace, peace, peace" emphasize the desire for inner and outer peace.

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