Aapatsu Magnah Smaranan Tvadeeyan Karomi Durge

Aapatsu Magnah Smaranan Tvadeeyan Karomi Durge

āpatsu magnaḥ smaraṇaṃ tvadīyaṃ karomi durge karuṇārṇaveśi ।
naitacchaṭhatvaṃ mama bhāvayethāḥ kṣudhātṛṣārtā jananīṃ smaranti ॥

Meaning: Whenever I am sunk in difficulties in life, o Mother Durga, I remember you, an ocean of compassion. These are my true feelings for you and not falsity. Because When children are afflicted with hunger and thirst, they naturally remember their Mother (only).

आप हिंदी में पढ़ सकते हैं...




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