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The fifth month is Shravan according to the Indian Hindu calendar. In common parlance, it is also called Sawan by many people. This month is considered special and sacred for Hindus. It is believed that Sawan is the favorite month of Lord Shiva. Sixteen Monday fast is started from the month of Savan. Fasting on the Monday of Savan month is considered very fruitful and auspicious.

Shravan (Sawan) Monday Fast Story:

According to Skanda Purana, when Sanat Kumar asked Lord Shiva, why do you love Shravan month so much? Then Shiva told that Goddess Sati pledged to have Lord Shiva as her husband in every birth. But due to her father Daksha Prajapati humiliating Lord Shiva, Goddess Sati gave up her body with yogic power.
After this, he was born in the second birth to Parvati, the king of Himalaya and queen Naina. He married Lord Shiva by a fast and pleased Lord Shiva by staying fast during the month of Shravan in his youth.

Know Lord Shiva :

Fasting to get the desired life partner
That is why it is believed that by keeping Lord Shiva fast in Shravan, you get a desired life partner. Fasting for girls and boys, especially this month, results in marriage. Also, by keeping a fast in the month of Shravan, Lord Shiva relieves all the sufferings of life.

Sawan Monday Fast Special :

According to religious belief, on every Monday of this month, Lord Shiva should be fasted, consecration of Shivalinga or Shiva idol with Ganga water or milk. Bela to Lord Shiva is very popular, so it must be kept in the material of worship.

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