Devauthani Ekadashi Vrat Katha

Fast Story:

In the kingdom of a king, everyone fasted on Ekadashi. Food was not served on the day of Ekadashi from subjects and servants to animals. One day a person from another state came to the king and said - Maharaj! Please hire me. Then the king put a condition in front of him that okay, let's keep it. But everyday you will get everything to eat, but Ekadashi will not get food.
That person said 'yes' at that time, but on Ekadashi day when he was given the fruits of the fruit, he went in front of the king and pleaded - Maharaj! It will not fill my stomach. I will die of hunger. Give me food
The king reminded him of the condition, but he did not agree to give up the food, then the king gave him flour-dal-rice etc. He reached the river like a regular and took a bath and started cooking. When food was made, he started calling God- Come God! the food is ready.
On his call, Lord, wearing Pitambar, came in quadrilateral form and started eating with him with love. After eating the food, the Lord became impeded and he went to his work.
Fifteen days later, on the next Ekadashi, he began to say to the king, Maharaj, give me double the goods. I remained hungry that day. When the king asked the reason, he told that God also eats with us. That's why this stuff is not complete for both of us.
The king was surprised to hear this. He said- I cannot believe that God eats with you. I keep this fast, I worship, but God never gave me darshan.

 Hearing the king, he said- Maharaj! If you do not believe, then go and see together. The king hid behind a tree. The person made food and called God till evening, but God did not come. Finally he said- Oh my God. If you do not come, I will jump into the river and die.
But God did not come, then he moved towards the river for the purpose of dying. Knowing his strong intention to give up his life, God soon appeared and stopped him and started sitting together and having food. After eating and drinking, they took him in his plane and took him to his abode. Seeing this, the king thought that there is no benefit from fasting till the mind is pure. The king got knowledge from this. He too started fasting from the heart and finally got to heaven.

Devauthani Ekadashi Katha-2

There was a king. The subjects were happy in his kingdom. Nobody used to sell food to Ekadashi. All used to do fruits. Once God tried to test the king. God took the form of a beauty and sat on the road. Then the king left the place and was surprised to see the beauty. He asked- O beautiful! Who are you and why are you sitting here like this?
Then the beautiful woman, God said - I am a destitute. I have no identity in the city, from whom should I ask for help? The king was fascinated by her appearance. He said - walk in my palace and be my queen.
Beautiful quote - I will obey you, but you have to hand over the authority of the state to me. I will have full authority over the state. Whatever I make, you have to eat.
The king was fascinated by her appearance, so accepted all her conditions. The next day was Ekadashi. The queen ordered that the grain be sold in the markets like other days. He cooked meat, fish etc. in the house and after serving it asked the king to eat. Seeing this, the king said - Queen! Today is Ekadashi. I will only make fruit.
Then the queen reminded me of the condition and said- Either eat food, otherwise I will cut off the head of the great prince. When the king told his position to the elder queen, the elder queen said- Maharaj! Do not give up religion, give the head of the elder prince. Son will be found again, but religion will not be found.

 Meanwhile, the great prince came into play. Seeing the tears in his mother's eyes, he asked the reason for crying, then the mother told him the whole situation. Then he said - I am ready to give head. Father's religion will be protected, it will definitely happen.
When the king was ready to give the head of the prince with a sad heart, Lord Vishnu appeared as the queen and told the real thing - Rajan! You passed this difficult exam. When the Lord asked the king to ask for a bride with a happy heart, the king said - you have given everything. Deliver us.
At the same time an aircraft landed there. The king handed over his kingdom to the son and boarded the plane and went to the Param Dham.

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