Gangaur Vrat Katha

Fast Story:

Once Lord Shankar and Parvatiji went on a tour with Naradji. While walking, he reached a village on the day of Chaitra Shukla Tritiya. On hearing the news of his arrival, the best noble women of the village started preparing delicious food for his reception.

He was very late while preparing food. But the women of the ordinary family reached turmeric in the plates with turmeric and Akshata before the women of the superior family. Parvatiji accepted his worship spirit and sprinkled all the suhaag juice on him. She returned after receiving the boon of Atal Suhaag. After that, women of high clans reached to worship Gauriji and Shankarji after taking a variety of dishes. Made of gold and silver, their plates had a variety of substances.

Seeing those women, Lord Shankar said to Parvatiji - 'You gave all the suhaag juice to the women of ordinary clans only. What will you give them now? '
Parvatiji replied- 'Prannath! Don't worry about it I have given those women only juice made from upper substances. Therefore, their juice will remain with the dhoti. But I will rip my fingers to these high clan women and give them a pleasant juice of my blood. Whose fortune will fall in luck, it will become good luck to me with my whole body.

When the women finished the puja, Parvati ji ripped her finger and sprinkled it on them. The one who got splashed, he got the same taste. After this, Parvatiji, on the orders of Lord Shiva, bathed on the river bank and started worshiping after making a Shiva idol of sand. After the puja, a sand dish was made and offered to Lord Shiva.
After doing the pradakshina, applying tilak on the forehead from the soil of the river bank and offered two grains of sand. Parvati took so much time doing all this. After a long time when she returned, Mahadevji asked her the reason for coming late.

In response, Parvati ji has told the lie that my brother-in-law and her parents had met there. It was late to talk to them. But Mahadev was Mahadev. They wanted a different Leela composition. So he asked- 'Parvati! What did you worship on the banks of the river, and what was the prasad you ate? '
Owner! Parvatiji again lied - 'My spirit fed me milk and rice. After eating it, I am going straight here. ' Hearing this, Shiva also walked towards the river bank in the temptation of eating milk and rice. Parvati was confused. Then he silently meditated on Lord Bhole Shankar and prayed - O God! If I am your exclusive maid, then you take care of me at this time.

While praying this, Parvatiji kept following Lord Shiva. He saw Maya's palace on the banks of the distant river. Upon reaching inside that palace, she sees that Shiva's brother-in-law and Salhaj's family are present there. He also welcomed Gauri and Shankar. They stayed there for two days.
On the third day Parvatiji asked Shiva to walk, but Shivji was not ready. They wanted to stay still. Then Parvati ji walked alone and left alone. In such a situation, Lord Shiva had to walk with Parvati. Naradji also walked together. While walking, they came out very far. At that time Lord Surya was visiting his dham (west). Suddenly Lord Shankar said to Parvatiji - 'I have forgotten my rosary in your home.'

"Okay, I get it." - Parvatiji said and was ready to go. But God did not allow them to go and sent Brahmaputra Naradji for this work. But upon reaching there, Naradji could not see any palace. There was still a forest, in which wild animals were wandering. Naradji started wandering there and wondered if he had come to some wrong place? But suddenly the lightning flashed and Naradji saw Shivji's garland hanging on a tree. Naradji took the rosary and reached Shivji and told him the situation there.

Shiva laughed and said- 'Narada! This is all Leela of Parvati.
Parvati said - 'I am worthy.'

Then Naradji bowed his head and said- 'Mother! You are the best of your husband. You are an Adishakti in Saubhagyavati society. All this is the effect of your husband. Only the women of the world can attain unwavering good fortune by your name-remembrance and can make and destroy all the achievements. Then what big thing is this karma for you? ' Dear! Secret worship is more powerful and meaningful.
I am very happy to see your spirit and miraculous power. I say in the form of blessings that women who worship their husband secretly and do well, will get the longevity of their husband by the grace of Mahadevji.

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