Safala Ekadashi Vrat Katha

Maharaj Yudhishthira asked- O Janardhana! What is the name of Pausha Krishna Ekadashi? Which deity is worshiped on that day and what is its method? Please tell me

Bhaktavatsal Lord Shri Krishna started saying that, Dharmaraja, I say to you because of your affection that I am not happy with the yajna which is getting more and more Dakshina in addition to Ekadashi fast. Therefore, do it with utmost devotion and reverence. Hey Rajan! Listen to the grandeur of Dwadhyukta Pausha Krishna Ekadashi with concentration.

The name of this Ekadashi is Safala Ekadashi. The god of this Ekadashi is Srinarayan. This fast should be done lawfully. Just as Sheshnag in serpents, Garuda in birds, Moon in all planets, Ashwamedha in yagyas and Lord Vishnu are superior in deities, similarly Ekadashi fast is the best among all fasts. The people who always observe Ekadashi fast, they are dear to me. Now I say the method of this fast.

Collect sixteen items of season-friendly fruits, coconut, lemon, naivedya etc. for my worship. After worshiping me with this material, do night awakening. There is no yajna, pilgrimage, charity, penance and no other fast like the fast of this Ekadashi. Fasting for five thousand years is more fruitful than that given by observing Ekadashi fast. Hey Rajan! Now listen to the story of this Ekadashi.

In the city of Champawati, a king named Mahishman ruled. He had four sons. Among them all, there was a great Rajput Mahapapi named Lumpak. The sinner always used to destroy his father's wealth in prostitution and prostitution and other evil deeds. Always the deity, the Brahmin, used to condemn the Vaishnavas. When the king came to know of such misdeeds of his elder son, he expelled him from his kingdom. Then he started thinking where to go? What to do?

In the end he decided to steal. During the day, he lived in the forest and in the night he used to steal in his father's city and did the evil of harassing and killing the subjects. After some time the whole city became fearful. He lived in the forest and killed animals etc. and started eating. Citizens and state employees would capture him but leave him in fear of the king.

There was an ancient ancient peepal tree in the forest. People worshiped him like a god. Under that tree, he used to live as a monopoly lamp. People considered this forest to be the playground of the gods. After some time Pausha could not sleep the whole night due to cold due to his clothes being blind on Krishna Paksha Dashami. His arms and legs fluttered.

He became unconscious as sunrise approached. On the second day of Ekadashi, the heat of the sun was overcome at midday. In the fall, he set out in search of food. He was not able to kill the animals, so after picking the fruits that fell under the trees, he came back under the same peepal tree. By that time, the god Sun had set. Placing fruit under the tree, he started to say - O God! Now this is your dedication. Be satisfied yourself Due to the grief that night, the night could not sleep.

God became very happy with this fast and his awakening and all his sins were destroyed. The next day in the morning, a beautiful horse decorated with many beautiful things came in front of him.

At the same time, there was a voice in the air that O Rajput! Your sins were destroyed by the grace of Srinarayan. Now go to your father and get the kingdom. He was very happy to hear such a speech and went to his father wearing divine clothes and saying 'God be yours'. Pleased with his father, he handed over the weight of the entire kingdom and took the path of the forest.

Now Lumpak started to rule according to scripture. His family, son etc. The whole family became the ultimate devotee of Lord Narayana. On getting older, he too went on to do penance in the forest by handing over the kingdom's weight to his son and finally attained Vaikuntha.

Therefore, the person who observes this supreme holy Safala Ekadashi gets liberation in the end. Those who do not are like animals devoid of tails and horns. By reading or listening to the glory of this Safala Ekadashi, a person gets the fruits of Ashwamedha Yagya.

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