Shaking hands is fair or inappropriate. Explain the scientific reason?

Following western civilization, there was a trend to Shaking hands here. This is not appropriate because many types of infectious diseases viruses stick in their hands which are exchanged by Shaking hands. In this way it is not appropriate to Shaking hands according to science.

In today's time, when most of the people meet in office or party, they Shaking hands and welcome each other. There is no knowledge of how many people a person has Shaking hands with. If a person has a disease that will be in contact with a sick person, then it can be a disease from one person to another. So this disease can spread like fire across the country.

According to Indian belief

According to Indian belief, by shaking hands, the accumulated strength of his body enters another. In this way, weakness in the body comes. From ancient times, Gurujan used to do Shaktipat by placing his hand on the head of his disciples, that is, without his knowledge him strength giving it.

If we read the ancient folk tales, we will find that when we went out of the house for many work, like doing war or doing this good work, etc., he used to take blessings from the big elders of the house. The elder elders of the house used to give blessings with their hands on the head, so that the work of that person can be proved. This blessing provided a positive energy inside the person. Which increased the ability to do that work.

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