Shri Rama Vandana

1. Aapadaam Aphartaaram Daataaram Sarv Sampadaam|
Lok Abhiraamam Shri Raamam Bhooyo-Bhooyo Namaamyaham||

Who removes all types of adversity and agony of Jiva (living beings); Who bestows all types of favour, honour and wealth; By looking at whom, the world feel very pleased; to that Shri Rama, I bow again and again.

2. Raamaay Raambhadraay Raamchandraay Maanase|
Raghunaathaay Naathaay Seethayaah Pataye Namah||

My salutations to Lord Rama; To Shri Ramabadhra, To Shri Ramachandra, To the lord of Vedas, To the chief of Raghu clan, To the lord of all worlds, And to the Lord of Sit?.

3. Neelaambuj Shyaamal Komalaangam
Sita Samaro Pitvaam Bhaagam
Paanau Mahaasaayak Chaaru chaapam
Namaami Raamam Raghuvansh Naatham||

Who has complexion and softness like that of a blue lotus, whose body parts are very soft; On whose left side resides his dear consort Sita; Who has a divine arrow and a beautiful bow in His hands, I pray to that Shri Rama who is the Lord of Raghu dynasty.

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