Bhagavad Gita Chapter 1, Shlok 28

arjuna uvācha
dṛiṣhṭvemaṁ sva-janaṁ kṛiṣhṇa yuyutsuṁ samupasthitam
sīdanti mama gātrāṇi mukhaṁ cha pariśhuṣhyati

Arjun said: O Krishna, seeing my own kinsmen arrayed for battle here and intent on killing each other, my limbs are giving way and my mouth is drying up.

Word by Word Meaning:

arjunaḥ uvācha - Arjun said
dṛiṣhṭvā  -  on seeing
imam  -  these
sva janam - kinsmen
kṛiṣhṇa  -  Krishna
yuyutsum - eager to fight
samupasthitam  -  present
sīdanti  -  quivering
mama  -  my
gātrāṇi  -  limbs
mukham  -  mouth
cha  -  and
pariśhuṣhyati - is drying up


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