Why do the Lord's Aarti?

Aarti is a unique gesture of Lord worship. We celebrate the Lord with Abhishek, Pujan and Nevaidya, finally the Aarti for the expression of our reverence, devotion and Prabhuprema is the Aarti bhava which is worshiped with pomp and distraction. Aarti is done by the Aarti bhava. In this, the music is worshiped by the sound of music and the sound of sacred instruments. Originally, Aarti is worship performed with emotion, not words and songs. The importance of performing aarti after worship is also because it is a thankfulness to the favor of God that he accepted our worship and is also a pardon of forgiveness for the mistakes that have occurred to us during worship.

With Aarti, we not only thank God but also offer forgiveness for all those known and unknown mistakes. Hence the sense of Aarti is considered as Arta. Aarti is an expression of emotions as well as the essence and science of the entire creation.

At the beginning of the Aarti, Shankhanad, then Chanvar Dulana, Lord Aarti with Karpoor and incense, cooling it with water and then receiving Aarti with various postures, all symbolize his gratitude and his splendor for the creation created by God . If we understand this science, then this creation is made up of five elements. Sky, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. We worship God with these five elements, we thank God for the support of creating this creation, giving us all the wealth and happiness in it and giving us human life, and staying close to him (God), living in his grace Let's pray with earnestness. The conch is the symbol of the sky. Shankha nada is necessary for auspicious actions and when talking about worshiping your adorable, Shankhanad becomes more necessary. The atmosphere is devotional with the conch shell, as well as a positive energy in the atmosphere.

Shankha nad shows gratitude towards the sky element. For the expression of the Vayu Tattva, we make God chavar. For the cold life with which life is communicated in our body, thanks are sent to God by sending him a flower. It is also called to bless the Lord and we consider ourselves to be Gods and represent ourselves as his servants. When we serve God in a spirit of service, it also destroys our ego and makes our mind clean. The service of idols also motivates us to serve animals and a sense of automatic human service starts coming in our mind. Karpoor and Dhoop are forms of Sakshat Agri. Agri is also a symbol of purity, light and destruction.

We burn our fortifications and worship God with virtues. We also pray to him that our life should always move from darkness to light. May our faults and ego always erode, always on the path of harmony and virtue, be given the light of God's grace. Agri not only burns bad habits, pride and bad habits, but also burns bad eyesight. A true servant also takes his eyes off Agri to save his master from evil eyes. In the same way, we perform aarti to save this gentle form of God from the evil eye. If the temperature of Agri rises and if the mild form of God is suffering from it, then for this we cool the Agri with cold water.

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