Sant Guru Kabir Das Jayanti 2024

Important information

  • Saturday, 22 June 2024
  • Birth Place : Varanasi (Kashi).
  • Died Place : Maghar
  • Movies: Seers and Clowns, Yes We Can
  • Parents: Neeru, Neema
  • Children: Kamaali, Kamaal.
  • Birth Year : Approximately 647th Birth Anniversary of Sant Kabirdas
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Kabir or Bhagat Kabir was a 15th century Indian mystic poet and saint. Kabir Ji's compositions influenced the devotion of the Hindi state to a deep level. His writings can also be seen in the Adi Granth of Sikhs. Saint Kabir did not celebrate any religion. He condemned the social evils, rituals, superstitions and severely criticized social evils. During his lifetime many people of both Hindu and Muslim religions were very critical of him.
The exact place of birth of Kabir is not known, but some people believe that he was born in Kashi, which was confirmed by Sant Kabir himself in one of his statements.

"Kashi mein paragat bhaye, Ramanand chetaye"

Saint Kabir wanted to make Acharya Ramananda his mentor. But Acharya Ramananda refused to make him his disciple. Saint Kabir decided in his mind that I would make Swami Ramanand his mentor. For this, when Kabir went for a bath at four o'clock in the morning, Saint Kabir lay on the stairs of his path. When Ramanand's foot fell on Saint Kabir's body, Ramanand Ji came out of his mouth. Saint Kabir accepted the word Rama from the mouth of Ramanand ji and accepted it as his mentor.

Saint Kabir himself was not educated, so he did not write any scripture himself and spoke from his mouth and his disciple had written it. The glory of Ramnama is echoed in his thoughts. They believed in a god.

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