Agajanana Padmarkam - Mantra of Shri Ganesh

agajānana-padmākaṃ gajānanam-aharniśam ।
anekadaṃtaṃ bhaktānām ekadantam-upāsmahe ॥

Meaning: We meditate day and night on the one-tusked one who is the sun for the lotus in the form of the face of Pārvatī, the one with the elephant face and the one who is the giver of all desired ends to his devotees.

As the rays from the lotus-face of Gauri (Devi Parvati) is always on her beloved son Gajanana (Who has the face of an elephant), similarly, the Grace of Sri Ganesha is always on his devotees; granting their many prayers; the devotees who with deep devotion worship the ekadanta (one with a single tusk).

Agajaanana Padmaarkam
This line refers to Lord Ganesha's unique appearance as "Agajaanana," which means the one with the face of an elephant. "Padmaarkam" signifies the radiant glow that his presence brings, akin to the radiance of a lotus.

Gajaananaṁ Ahar Niśam
This phrase extols Lord Ganesha as "Gajaanana," the elephant-faced one, who is worshipped "ahar nisham," meaning day and night without cessation. Devotees seek his blessings constantly, recognizing his omnipresence.

Anekadantaṁ Bhaktaanaṁ
This line acknowledges Lord Ganesha as the "Anekadanta," the one with numerous tusks. He is the protector and guide of "bhaktas," devotees who seek refuge in him.

Ekadantaṁ Upāsmahe
Here, the verse emphasizes that despite having numerous tusks, Lord Ganesha is also "Ekadanta," the deity with a single tusk. Devotees "upāsmahe," worship him with devotion and reverence.

This verse beautifully encapsulates the multifaceted nature of Lord Ganesha. It highlights his divine appearance, constant presence, and his role as the protector and guide of devotees. The verse's rhythm and lyrical quality make it a favorite in prayers and devotional gatherings, as it resonates with the spirit of seeking blessings, wisdom, and the removal of obstacles from the deity with an elephant's visage, Lord Ganesha.

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