Bhagavad Gita Chapter 1, Shlok 33

yeṣhām arthe kāṅkṣhitaṁ no rājyaṁ bhogāḥ sukhāni cha
ta ime ’vasthitā yuddhe prāṇāṁs tyaktvā dhanāni cha

when the very persons for whom we covet them, are standing before us for battle?

Word by Word Meaning:

yeṣhām - for whose
arthe - sake
kāṅkṣhitam - coveted for
naḥ - by us
rājyam - kingdom
bhogāḥ - pleasures
sukhāni - happiness
cha - also
te - they
ime - these
avasthitāḥ - situated
yuddhe - for battle
prāṇān - lives
tyaktvā - giving up
dhanāni - wealth


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