Ganga Ghats in Varanasi

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  • Location: Dashashwamedh Ghat Rd, Ghats of varanasi, Godowlia, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221001
  • Best time to visit :October to March are the best months.
  • Nearest Railway Station : Varanasi Junction (Code:BSB) at a distance of nearly 4.3 kilometres from Ganga Ghats in Varanasi.
  • Nearest Airport : Lal Bahadur Shastri Airport at a distance of nearly 24.9 kilometres from Ganga Ghats in Varanasi.
  • Did you know: Varanasi has around 100 Ghats. Ganga Aarti is organized on Dashashmesh Ghat.

Varanasi known as Banaras is a city situated on the banks of the River Ganges in Uttar Pradesh. Ganga Ghats are main attraction of the holy city Varanasi. Ghats of Ganga are perhaps the holiest spots of Varanasi. It has numbers of Ghats more than 100 ghats along side Ganga. The city is considered sacred by Hindus, Buddhists and Jains. Most of the ghats are bathing ghats, while others are used as cremation sites. Many ghats are associated with legends or mythologies while many ghats are privately owned. The former Kashi Naresh owns Shivala or Kali ghat. Morning boat ride on the Ganges across the ghats is a popular visitor's attraction.

It is believed that the pilgrims take a dip in the Ganges just becomes free from all sin. People worship ganges as goddess. Everyday in the evening it is worshiped by the priests. Priests sang prayers in sanskrit which includes hymns from the vedas and other holy books. Not only the local people but foreigners also enjoy this prayer. It is called the "Ganga Aarti". Ganga Aarti is main attraction of the Ganga Ghats.

Dasaswamedh Ghat, Manikarnika Ghat, Harischandra Ghat, Kabir Ghat and Assi Ghat are most popular Ghats at Varanasi.

The ghats as named and counted by the city of Varanasi are as follows:

1. Mata Anandamai Ghat
2. Assi Ghat
3. Adi Keshava Ghat
4. Ahilyabai Ghat
5. Badri Nayarana Ghat
6. Bajirao Ghat
7. Bauli /Umaraogiri / Amroha Ghat
8. Bhadaini Ghat
9. Bhonsale Ghat
10. Brahma Ghat
11. Bundi Parakota Ghat
12. Chaowki Ghat
13. Chausatthi Ghat
14. Cheta Singh Ghat
15. Dandi Ghat
16. Darabhanga Ghat
17. Dashashwamedh Ghat
18. Digpatia Ghat
19. Durga Ghat
20. Ganga Mahal Ghat (I)
21. Ganga Mahal Ghat (II)
22. Gaay Ghat
23. Genesha Ghat
24. Gola Ghat
25. Gularia Ghat
26. Hanuman Ghat
27. Hanumanagardhi Ghat
28. Harish Chandra Ghat
29. Jain Ghat
30. Jalasayi Ghat
31. Janaki Ghat
32. Jatara Ghat
33. Karnataka State Ghat
34. Kedar Ghat
35. Khirkia Ghat
36. Khori Ghat
37. Lala Ghat
38. Lali Ghat
39. Lalita Ghat
40. Mahanirvani Ghat
41. Mana Mandira Ghat
42. Manasarovara Ghat
43. Mangala Gauri Ghat
44. Manikarnika Ghat
45. Mehta Ghat
46. Meer Ghat
47. Munshi Ghat
48. Nandesavara Ghat
49. Narada Ghat
50. Naya Ghat
51. Naya Ghat
52. Nepali Ghat
53. Niranjani Ghat
54. Nishad Ghat
55. Old Hanumanana Ghat
56. Pancaganga Ghat
57. Panchkota
58. Pandey Ghat
59. Phuta Ghat
60. Prabhu Ghat
61. Prahalada Ghat
62. Prayaga Ghat
63. Raj Ghat built by Peshwa Amrutrao
64. Raja Ghat / Lord Duffrin bridge / Malaviya Bridge
65. Raja Gwalior Ghat
66. Rajendra Prasad Ghat
67. Ram Ghat
68. Rana Mahala Ghat
69. Rewan Ghat
70. Sakka Ghat
71. Sankatha Ghat
72. Sarvesvara Ghat
73. Scindia Ghat
74. Shivala Ghat
75. Shitala Ghat
76. Sitala Ghat
77. Somesvara Ghat
78. Telianala Ghat
79. Trilochana Ghat
80. Tripura Bhairavi Ghat
81. Tulsi Ghat
82. Vaccharaja Ghat
83. Venimadhava Ghat
84. Vijayanagaram Ghat


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