Significance of Nakshatra in Hinduism

Nakshatras are very important in Hinduism. In Hinduism, all auspicious work is done only after knowing the position of the constellation (Nakshatras). A group of stars in the sky is called a constellation. Based on the constellations in Hindu astrology. There are 27 Nakshatras in Hinduism. In classical Hindu scriptures, the credit for the creation of the constellations goes to Daksha, the son of Brahma. All these constellations were the daughters of Daksha. All the constellations are known as the wives of the moon. Moon had married Daksha's daughters on the request of King Daksha.

The birth constellation of any person is an important element of Indian Vedic astrology. There are 28 Nakshatras but only 27 Nakshatras are considered for calculation. A constellation whose name is omitted from Abhijeet. The calculations of constellations are related to the path of the moon.

The Moon revolves around the Earth in 27-28 days. The moon passes through these stars. By tying different groups of stars falling in this path, each constellation has been named Nakshatra. In this way the whole path is divided into these 27 constellations and is called 'Nakshatra Chakra'.

Given below are the names of 27 constellations along with the number and shape of the stars—

NakshatraStar NumberShape and Identity
Ashwini3Horse, Horse's head
Mrigashira3Deer's head or Vidalpad
Ardra1Teardrop, diamond, a human head
Punarvasu5 or 6Bow and quiver
Pushya1 or 3Cow's udder, lotus, arrow and circle
Ashlesha5Dog's tail or Kulavachakra
Magha5Royal Throne, Plow
Purva Phalguni2Khatwakar X North South, hammock, fig tree
Uttara Phalguni2BedroomX North South,
Hasta5Hand claw, Hand or fist
Chitra1Bright jewel or pearl
Swati1Kunkun Charna, Shoot of plant, coral
Visakha5 or 6Triumphal arch, potter's wheel, toran or garland
Anuradha7Soup or Jaldhara
Jyestha3snake or coil
Mool9 or 11conch or tail of a lion
Purva Asadha4Soup or Elephant tusk
Uttara Ashadha4Soup
Shravan3Arrows or Trident
Dhanishtha Pravesh5Drum or flute
Shatabhisha100Empty circle
Purva Bhadrapada2Bharvat or Bell
Uttar Bhadrapada2Two heads
Revathi32Fish or a pair of fish, drum

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