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  • "भवान्यष्टकम्" (Bhavānyaṣṭakam) is a beautiful Sanskrit hymn composed by Adi Shankaracharya in praise of the goddess Bhavani, who is an aspect of Goddess Parvati. This hymn consists of eight verses that extol the virtues and divine qualities of Goddess Bhavani. Each verse highlights a different aspect of her divine presence and power. The hymn expresses deep devotion and reverence for the goddess.

  • The word "भवानि" (Bhavāni) is another name for Goddess Parvati, representing her role as the divine mother and nurturer. The hymn is an expression of seeking her blessings for protection, guidance, and grace.

Na thatho, na matha, na bandur na datha,
Na puthro, na puthri , na bruthyo , na bartha,
Na jayaa na Vidhya, na Vruthir mamaiva,
Gathisthwam, Gathisthwam Thwam ekaa Bhavani. ||1||

Bhavabdhava pare , Maha dhukha Bheeru,
Papaatha prakami , pralobhi pramatha,
Kam samsara pasa prabadha sadaham,
Gathisthwam, Gathisthwam thwam ekaa Bhavani. ||2||

Na Janaami Dhanam, Na cha dhyana yogam,
Na janami thathram, na cha sthothra manthram,
Na janami poojam, na cha nyasa yogam,
Gathisthwam, Gathisthwam thwam ekaa Bhavani. ||3||

Na janami Punyam, Na janami theertham,
Na janami mukthim, layam vaa kadachit,
Na janami bhakthim, vrutham vaapi maatha,
Gathisthwam, Gathisthwam, thwam ekaa Bhavani. ||4||

Kukarmi, kusangi, kubudhi, kudhasa,
Kulachara heena, kadhachara leena,
Kudrushti, kuvakya prabandha, sadaham,
Gathisthwam, Gathisthwam, thwam ekaa Bhavani. ||5||

Prajesam, Ramesam, Mahesam, Suresam,
Dhinesam, Nisidheswaram vaa kadachit,
Na janami chanyath sadaham saranye,
Gathisthwam, Gathisthwam thwam ekaa Bhavani. ||6||

Vivadhe, Vishadhe, pramadhe, pravase,
Jale cha anale parvathe shatru madhye,
Aranye, saranye sada maam prapahi,
Gathisthwam, Gathisthwam, thwam ekaa Bhavani. ||7||

Anadho, dharidro, jara roga yuktho,
Maha Ksheena dheena, sada jaadya vakthra,
Vipathou pravishta, pranshata sadhaham,
Gathisthwam, Gathisthwam, thwam ekaa Bhavani. ||8||


Hey Bhavani! Father, mother, brother, benefactor, son, daughter, slave, master, woman, knowledge and attitude, none of these are mine, O Goddess! Only you are my speed, you are my speed..1.

I am lying in the vast Bhavsagar. I am afraid of great sorrow. Lustful, greedy, intoxicated and bound in disgusting worldly bonds. Hey Bhavani! Now only you are my speed, you are my speed.

O Goddess! I neither know how to donate nor do I have any knowledge of the path of meditation. I don't even have knowledge of Tantra and Stotra mantras. I am totally free from rituals like worship and trust etc. Now only you are my speed, you are my speed..3.

I know neither virtue nor pilgrimage, neither liberation nor rhythm. Oh mother! I don't even know devotion and fasting. Hey Bhavani! Now only you are my speed, you are my speed.4.

I am evil-doer, in bad company, unintelligent, wicked slave, lowly virtuous, misbehavior, evil-eyed and always speaking bad words. Hey Bhavani! You are the only speed of my badness, you are the speed.

I do not know Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, Indra, Surya, Moon and any other deity. Oh Bhavani who gives refuge! Only you are my speed, you are my speed..6.

Hey refuge! You always protect me in the midst of controversy, depression, carelessness, foreign land, water, fire, mountain, forest and enemies. Hey Bhavani! Only you are my speed, you are my speed.7.

Hey Bhavani! I have always been an orphan, poor, senile, diseased, very weak, poor, dumb, afflicted and destroyed. Now you are my only speed, you are my speed..8.

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