Jal Mein Kumbh Kumbh Mein Jal Hai

Jal Mein Kumbh Kumbh  Mein Jal Hai Bahar Bheetar Pani .
Phoota Kumbh Jal Jalahi Samana Yah Tath Kahyau Gayani .

Meaning: When the water is filled, the pot remains in the water and when it is filled, the water comes inside the pitcher, in this way, water remains outside and inside - water is the power. When the pot splits, its water gets in the water itself - there is no isolation - the learned people have said this fact! Not two souls are one soul - the soul is seated in the divine and the divine is seated in the soul. Ultimately, it is the power of God - when the body dissolves - it becomes part of God - it merges into it. It gets drab.

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